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Replacement Gas BBQ Grill Pipe Burner With Bent Venturi.

To keep the burner level this replacement gas grill burner is bent at an angle at the front of the pipe burner. The front of the pipe burner is often called the venturi tube as a throwback to the Oval and H shaped burners that had separate tubular venturi tubes attached to the burners. These venturi tubes were separate pieces of the burner assembly. Today pipe burners are common in modern barbecues but we still call the venturi the section of the pipe that goes through the front fire wall and installs to the orifice and has an air mixture shutter. We took these closer images of this replacement burner because it is different from most pipe burners and it shares a lot of the same features. In order to know if this is the replacement burner you need to repair your barbeque grill there are extra images below. You can also always reach someone at Majestic Grill Parts at. 954.247.4552.

replacement burner bend at venturi

While most grill models angle the control panel and put a forty-five degree angle on the control valve this burner has the angle bent in the front venturi tube of the burner. This is the replacement burner detail showing the venturi attachment for the orifice. This image also shows the protective screen where the air and gas mix to ignite and the bend in the tube of the pipe burner.

replacement burner bend at venturi

Like most pipe burners in gas barbecue grills the back of the pipe burner flattens for mounting. This burner is fabricated to a flat surface with a long hole for making the burner install level in the fire box. Gas often behaves like a liquid gravitating to the lowest point of any container. To keep burners burning consistently all barbecue grill burners have some feature to stay level and allow gas to fill the burner evenly. This way the burner burns even. This burner is angled in the front to make the control knobs easier to use while keeping the burner pipe where the gas will burn level for consistent heat.

replacement burner bend at venturi

Finally, note the ports on the burner run from the front of the burner to the back of the burner except towards the front of the burner. There is a row of intersecting ports that cross the main ports of the burner. Most BBQ pipe burners have this perpendicular row of flame ports for the electrode to get extra gas for a faster ignition. What is interesting about this angled burner is the ports are along the bottom of the burner.


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Replacement Pipe Burners.
replacement burner specification size

Manual drawing of the replacement burner in a Tuscany model gas grill. These burners used to be available in a set of 2 and 3 burners joined by a cross-over burner that had igniter electrodes attached to the cross-over burner. That style of replacement grill burners is no longer available. There were not enough repairs for us to keep manufacturing the kit. This burner is now available one by one for repairs.

tuscany barbeque grilling

This kit is still available with a straight burner but not with the bent burner. Like the angled burner the straight replacement burners are also 3/4 inch diameter pipes. These burners are almost identical in size. This replacement burner bent at an angle is wide-open at the end to allow the orifice to be inserted without obstruction. Very simple.

Most replacement burners are practically identical is style and design. They are one inch diamneter and they all have the same air shutter at the end. The back of the burners are designed to flatten and allow holes to mount the burner in the back of the barbecue fire box and the holes are varied. Sometimes the installation hole is off-set and sometimes the hose is centered. The most popular replacement pipe burner is a universal adjustable pipe burner with an "X" shaped cut-out and the back of the burner that allows the burner to be solidly mounted to the back support in the fire box regardless of where the bracket in the grill needs the burner to bolt down. The video on the page demonstrating installation of that burner is mostly the same installation instructions for any pipe burner.

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