Radiant Briquette Grate Adjusts Size To BBQ Grill.

This brilliant design from a Canadian barbecue grill manufacturer is several layers of grids and supports and tension arms designed to allow this grate to be pressed together tight and strong for havy briquettes. radiant heat tiles, lava rocks and any heating material for grilling. Stainless construction is strong and reliable for use in any barbecue grill regardless of the size of the firebox needs.

universal adjustable cooking grate or briquette and lava rock grids.

This Universal Adjustable Grate is adjustable to fit thousands of different gas barbecue grills! Several sizes and adjustments make these replacement grates perfect for Any barbeque grill!

This Universal fit gas grill replacement grid grill will fit many barbecues perfectly.

close up of heavy universal grids

Universal bbq grill replacement parts used to be pretty poor quality but were still popular because by the time you need an adjustable grill part, it is because there is no where else to get the repair part your barbeque needs. No More!! Today, universal adjustable barbecue grill repair parts are great quality. The cooking grates on this page are heavier and thicker than many of the exact-fit grill parts on the manufacturer pages of this grill repair website.

Adjustable Briquette Grate Can Change Width and Depth To Support Radiant Briqs Tiles Rods Lava Rocks In Any Barbecue Grill.

This adjustable grid is several sections pressed together for strength in layers and tension so the final size is always a solid supportive grate and not wiggling and wobbling like so many Universal grids.


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Depth can adjust from 11 inches deep to 14 inches depth.

Width can be adjusted from 17 inches to 25 inches.

Universal Grill Replacement Parts
universal grid adjustment


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adjustable briquette grate assembly directions
close up of heavy universal grids

Universal grids adjust to easily break up greases and marinades and carbon build up caused by gas barbecue flames and stainless material makes simple scrubbing a lot easier and cleaner than most similar types of grids.

close up of heavy universal grids

Adjustable grate adjusts to universal dimensions by pulling apart front to back and left to right to slide back together with tension rods that hold the sections reinforcing each other at their final set sizes.

Save your barbeque grill with universal adjustable grill repair parts!

close up of heavy universal grids


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