Universal Adjustable BBQ Grill Radiant Heat Shield.

Adjusting from 16 to over 32 inches this 4 inch wide vaporizer shield is a perfect fit for hundreds of barbecues. All makes and models have some kind of shield between the burner and the cooking grates and this adjustable shield has a tremendous range of movement, is stable and thick enough to get very hot so any dripping grease or marinades will be instantly vaporized.

stainless adjustable radiant burner protector shield
  • Adjustable to fit Most grills.
  • 4 Inches Wide.
  • Length Adjusts 16.5 to 32 Inches.
  • Wire Support 4.6 by 16.6 Inches.
  • Long term usage and protection!
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Easier cooking and great flavor.


Universal Adjustable Radiant Shield

This universal heat shield spreads rising heat and protects barbeque burners by vaporizing drippings to add flavor while cooking.

Adjustable flavor shield fits most barbecues with cast iron, cast stainless or straight pipe burners.

This Adjustable Shield will allow heat to rise evenly from your barbecue burners and protect burners from dripping grease which could clog ports.

adjustable radiants in weber genesis
adjustable radiants in weber genesis

Adjustable Vaporizer Shield In CalFlame Grill.

The same stainless adjustable vaporizer batbecue plate that works so well in the Weber Genesis above also fits beautifully in this CalFlame model.

CalFlame has a shelf right above the burner and also has a pin front and back to support heat plates. The shelf and pin can both be used but the design of thr Calflame is to use the pin as we have in this image. The 92390 adjustable shield is only extended about two inches to span the entire depth of the grill above the burner.

The original CalFlame shields that were in the grill are almost the same exact shape and size exceept the original heat plates are porcelain coated steel. Porcelain coated steel has to be treated differently to be maintained but if we have to replace these heat plates the adjustable stainless shield seems a much better replacement vaporizer that is heavier, easier to install and easier to take care of long term.

shield sliding to grow and adjust

This image shows the heat shield from the bottom where the top shield has a lip that curls around the edge of the bottom shield so the two pieces stay together. When the two shields are slide far apart to 25 to 30 inches they will bow very slightly but very little because of the lip holding them together tightly.

shield sliding to grow and adjust

The plates slide back and forth to allow more or less length. The adjustable shields come with a wire-grid support in case there are instances where the shield cannot be installed on pins or a shelf inside the grill. We usually throw this piece in the garbage.

If there is no place to install the vaporizer we can balance the shield on top of a burner using the wire grid that comes with it. This is very rare since this shield is simple replacing an other grill shield.

adjusting the vaporizer in a weber genesis barbcecue.

The adjustable vaporizer shields are actually two stainless shields that slide across one another to become longer or shorter. The top shield has a lip to hold the bottom shield against it so they cannot separate unless we purposely slide them apart. In thos image I am installing 3 shields in a Weber Genesis Silver C gas barbecue grill. The Silver C Genesis usually has 5 flavorizer bars that are similar shapes but thinner. Three of these adjustable shields fit the space perfectly and the edges of the vaporizer shields fit into the casting grooves in the fire box just like the Weber flavorizer bars would have.

grill repair is secure