Alfresco Replacement Briquette Support Heat Shield

Alfresco is well-known for manufacturing high-end gas grills with what many consider to be the Best and most effective Infrared Grill Burner. This is the feature that made Alfresco one of the most popular of the American Made high-quality grills. However, the company has added many new details that add to the attraction and Alfresco gas grill models that do not have infrared burners are very successful. The Stainless steel U burner is an Alfresco LX2 has this briquette tray above the burner to vaporize falling drippings and radiate heat just below the grilling surface.

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Briquette tray heat shield is designed to repair Alfresco LX2 models. Briquette shield replacement holds ceramic briquettes over blue-flame convection barbecue burner. Briquettes are not included. Infrared burners in Alfresco gas grills do not have briquettes but the U shaped convection burners have this briquette tray above the burner and below the cooking grates.


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alfresco gas grill repair LX2 briquette tray
close up detail of alfreso stainless steel briquette support tray

Alfresco Briquette Tray

There are a lot of features that make the Alfresco LX2 models one of the most desirable gas grills available. The infrared technology developed in the original Alfresco models made these grills one of only three gas grills in the world with access to original infrared grill burners. This feature along with 304 stainless steel and American made construction made the Alfresco an extraordinary grill ten years ago.

Today the LX2 models have added lights, an invisible rotisserie motor, hot-surface ignitor electrodes and many other features and benefits so the Alfresco grills are extraordinary appliances even without the infrared burners that are also available with the LX2 model.

full briquettes tray for LX2 alfresco

The heavy gauge 304 stainless steel U shaped burners that are installed when infrared burners are not in the grill have this heat shield briquette support tray above the burner. The Alfresco briquette tray is engineered to add flavor to food while barbecuing. As grease, marinades and other drippings drop from the grilling surface the hot briquettes vaporize the moisture so flavor is added to circulating convectional heat surrounding and cooking food. Heat from the burners is also conducted through the briquettes causing an even distribution of heat and a much hotter radiant heat that increases the temperature at the grill grates.

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White hard Alfresco briquettes made by Alfresco for Alfresco come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. This is the white heavy briquette with the Alfresco "A" etched into the top of the briquette.


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alfresco gas grill repair parts briquette tray

White hard Alfresco briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. This is the white heavy briquette without the Alfresco "A" etched into the top of the briquette. These are designed to be the same size and shape to fit the Alfresco Briquette trays.


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alfresco briquette

Alfresco Grill Parts

white alfresco briquette in briquette support heat shield

Check your measurements The briquette tray that bends up and down like this one has been used a couple of different ways. As you can see in these two different images the briquette tray has come with and without additional brackets that lock briquettes into the tray.

This is great for easy cleaning of the stainless steel because the entire tray with briquettes can be lifted out of the barbecue without the briquettes falling all over the place. This makes it easy to spray the entire assembly with a good degreaser, let it sit a bit and then spray it with a hose before replacing the support tray.

pyramid briquette in alfresco shield

The new Alfresco briquettes that are white and have the Alfresco "A" logo carved into the surface are a heavier briquette with more mass than the older style red pyramid briquettes. They are also a lot more expensive if they ever need to be replaced. As you can see in the images above it is still possible to replace briquettes with red pyramid briquettes. These briquettes are a lot less expensive and just barely fit into the opening in the tray.

Alfresco is best known for their infrared burners. The Alfresco infrared burner is built to the highest specification with high-quality materials and experienced American made workmanship. The burners are used in commercial resorts and high-end restaurants all over America. However, Alfresco also puts a lot of time and energy into the other features and benefits that define the Alfresco gas grills. The Alfresco ignition assemblies, rotisserie parts and the architecture of the grill is many years ahead of most barbecue companies. Moreover Alfresco has good customer service, an awesome network of dealers (yeah!!) and they manufacture built in accessories for custom outdoor kitchen construction.

alfresco gas grilling grates on infrared sear zone built in accessory

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