Altima Gas BBQ Grill Repair Parts

Replacement parts for Altima gas barbecue grills. The Altima brand has been manufactured by several different companies throughout the years -- some of them very high-quality. If the replacement barbeque parts you require are not listed here, please call us or send an email. Be prepared to have measurements of the grill parts so we can discover which manufacturer fabricated the parts and match up replacements.

Item Description Price Illustration
83642 Stainless steel burner assembly replacement to repair Altima gas barbecue grills. This burner assembly is two burner tubes connected by a cross over burner tube.

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stainless steel burner assembly for altima bbq grill repair

Replacement burner assembly to repair Altima gas barbeque grill models. This assembly contains three burner tubes connected with one cross over burner tube.


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three burner tubes with cross over burner for altima barbecue model grill repair

Stainless steel replacement cooking grate for Altima barbecue models.


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altima stainless grill grid

Tent-style heat shield for Altima bas barbecue grill models. The heat shields are designed to deflect grease from the burners as the grease falls through the grilling grates. The heat plate also diffuses the heat as it rises. The angled vaporizer shield fits over the burners in Altime barbeque grill models.


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stainless heat shield, vaporizer plate flavorizer for altima bbq

Double prong electrodes are often used on high-quality gas grills that become very hot. The double post electrode is usually installed to arc within the flame area and is kept clean to last longer. This is the electrode for Altime gas grills and it is attached to the bracket.


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altima style electrode with 2 prongs and mounting bracket

This is an alternative electrode we also use because it has the mounting bracket to install on the front or back wall of the inner gas barbecue fire box. The twin posts are long enough to be bend, clipped and manipulated for use in a variety of barbeque modles.


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double post electrode altima

Battery controlled module with 4 outlets to attach up to 4 electrodes and light many more Altima burners because of the cross over burner redundancy.


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replacement igniter module for alfresco gas bbq grill repair

Single spark universal barbecue grill ignition module. AA battery under button for easy installation in control panel has one outlet for one electrode so there are no spades to be grounded on single spark gas grilling igniter systems


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battery module ignitor replacement

Double outlet AA battery module for gas barbecue grill ignition systems that have 2 electrodes or can be used with one electrode and the other spade grounded for later use. Extra outlets on battery controlled modules cannot be left empty. The spade will arc out to anything nearby and the millivolt can travel to unfortunate places on the barbecue.


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battery module double spark ignitor replacement
03340 universal battery powered ignitor for Brinkmann, Centro, Charbroil, Charmglow, Uniflame and many other barbeque grills. $34.

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battery module 4 spark ignitor replacement
03350 ignitor spark generator, Charmglow and any baebeque with a battery powered ignition with mounting button in the control panel. $36.95

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battery module 6 six spark ignitor replacement
80012 LP hose with QCC-I type one regulator fits all grills 3/8 flared female fitting for grill manifold and 24 inch hose. $28.99

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grill parts bbq regulator and hose
SOL-6067R 36" LP Hose Regulator. Fitting is 3/8 inch flared female onthe hose and a QCC hand wheel on the regulator made to fit standard LP tank valves. $59.00

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36 inch hose and regulator
80034 LP regulator with two hoses for side burner and bbq grill connection. This comes with two hoses coming out of one regulator and as one hose that splits into two hoses. Same result but two different styles. Use one regulator and one tank to operate both appliances. $45.95

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grill parts bbq regulator and double side burner hose
GH-3 Three Foot extension hose with 3/8 inch flared female ends extends regulator and hose. Use to extend regulator hose, often used with built in BBQ grill accessories like LP tank pull-out drawer. $18.95

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gas grill extension gas hose
850 Gas timer attaches to Propane or Natural Gas line to limit the amount of gas used. Dial the timer to One, Two or Three hours and be certain there is No Chance of someone making a mistake and leaving the barbecue grill burning or the gas running. Gas line is turned OFF when the timer runs out even if the barbecue grill is still turned on. A safety feature for homes with children, neighbors and commercial or shared properties. $60.

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Replacement regulator for Natural Gas Grill with 1/2 inch female attachments. Buy this regulator for NG bbq grills and if you are converting a barbeque from LP (liquid propane) to natural gas.
LP regulator allows gas at approx 11 inches of water column and natural gas regulators regulate gas at 2 inches water column.


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natural gas regulator for bbq grill convert from lp to ng
altima barbecue food plate
altima barbecue food plate

alfresco gas grilling grates on infrared sear zone built in accessory

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