American Outdoor Grill Replacement Burners.

American Outdoor Grill models come from the factory with either two or three U shaped stainless steel burners. Any and all of the american made stainless U burners can be exchanged for an infrared sear burner in every AOG gas grill model. AOG barbecues are easy to work on and the entire idea of these models is a scaled-down Firemagic design that makes the burners easy to access, easy to adjust and easy to exchange for another replacement burner or to install an infrared searing burner.

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Stainless steel U shaped burner for 24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch American Outdoor Grill Models. Built in and portable cart-mounted models all use the same burners. The 24 inch model uses 2 of these burners and the 30 and 36 inch models each use 3 if these burners.


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aog stainless steel replacement U shaped burner.

American Outdoor Grill Infrared burner kit includes installation instructions and an electrode designed for the infrared sear burner. Any or all of the U burners can be replaced with an infrared burner in all AOG grill model barbecues.


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aog infrared burner installation kit

Replacement infarred burner for AOG model grills. Each model of American Outdoor Grill has an option to come with this infrared rotisserie burner. The infrared rotisserie burner is 17 inches.


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aog infrared burner installation kit
new american outdoor grill burner with vaporizer support rods

The 24 inch American Outdoor Grill Model is available as a built in model like this picture. This model is also available on a portable rolling cart with doors and as a post mounted grill. The 24 inch models come with 2 U burners are available with or without the rotisserie burner and either U burner can be swatched for an infrared burner.

vaporizer on aog burner with supports

Both the 30 and 36 inch AOG models come with 3 U shaped burners and each burner can be exchanged for an infrared burner. There is a small clip that holds the burners in place but this is not necessary once the grill is on use.

install replacement bbq grill burner on orifice on control valve

When the U burner is removed we have to grab the burner and lift from the back and slide the burner away from the front of the barbecue because the venturi tube in the front of the burner has the porifice at the tip of the control valve inserted into the air shutter. The burner slides forward off the valve and then lifts out of the grill. Both the infrared burner and the U burner attach to the control valve and orifice the same way. Installing the burner is the same although the front of the burner is inserted first to fit onto the orifice. Once the tube is fit with the orifice inside the venturi tube the back of the burner can be pressed into place.


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