American Outdoor Grill Replacement Grill Parts.

American Outdoor Grills have some of the same parts as the RealFyre and FireMagic model manufactured by the same company. Replacement modules, electrodes and knobs are interchangable with some of these other brands. Electrodes tend to go bad because the ignition has to be inside the grill to ignite the gas and they get grease, marinades, sauces, etc interrupting the spark. Other parts are available here for all model of American Outdoor Grill. If you do not see an item you need just let us know at: 954-2-GRILL-2.

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Electrode conversion kit includes the 90 degree double prong electrode with the electrode wire and bracket to attach to the AOG module, inner firewall and then attach to the infrared burner. This electrode is installed on the infrared rotisserie and the infrared grill burner.


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double prong electrode and wire connection kit  for american outdoor grill infrared burner

Replacement electrode for main grill burner in all model and size of American Outdoor Grill.


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aog stainless steel grates.

We use this electrode and collector box on a lot of grill as though it were a universal electrode because it is inexpensive and fits using the same threaded sleeve as a lot of manufacturer electrodes. The electrode installs by removing one of the set nuts from the threaded sleeve, then slide the threading through the hole in the barbecue firewall next to the burner and reattach the nut to tighten the electrode to the fire wall.


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barbecue electrode igniter and collecto box in threaded sleeve.

Control knob with rubber and stainless accents for Firemagic and American Outdoor Grill main burners.


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aog grill grates

Replacement module for all AOG model barbecues. We use the 4 spark module with AAAbattery and button all-in-one. For the 24 inch models that only need 2 or 3 outlets use the extra outlet to add a ground wire from this module. Adding a ground strengthens the electrical connections but is not necessary for the spark generator module to function.


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aog spark generator module igniter with button and battery holder

Bezel and Thermometer for American Outdoor Grill hood replacement.


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aog hood thermometer and bezel

Although the barbecue ignition assembly is very simple sometimes the igniters will not work. The American Outdoor Grill models come with a long wire to allow the user to manually light the grill safely and easily. Use a piece of paper or a napkin to clip into the included iwre and light it on fire. Stick the wire with the napkin on fire into the grill grates past the vaporizer shield to the burner and then turn the burner on. This way the flame is already at the burner when gas begins to flow and there is no chance for gas to accumulate and make a scary cloud.

Like the spark plugs in a car the electrode in a barbecue will almost always spark when attached to almost any module. I say almost because hot-surface kits and glow-plug kits work a little bit different from the traditional momentary module kits that have been in use for ovr 30 years. A typical electrode changes from one grill to another because of how the electorde mounts in the grill and how long or short the electrode needs to be to reach the gas coming through the burner. Any other module or electrode can be used in any other barbecue grill as long as the parts can be safely installed in the gas grill.

manually light the aog grill this way


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