BBQ GrillWare Replacement Burner for BBQ Grill Repair.

BBQ GrillWare model barbecue stainless pipe burners are listed below. Pipe burners are the most popular barbecue grill burner in use today. The "H" shaped burners and oval burners of 15 years ago have been replaced with pipe burners with hundreds of variations in mounting and lengths.

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Replacement stainless steel burner for BBQ Grillware has a perpendicular tab to hold ignition electrode. Adjustable air vent is on the venturi and a installation hole in the back allows the burner to be held in place so mistakes are more difficult to make when re-installing the burner after repairs or cleanings. $33.95

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bbq grill ware grill parts gas burner
BBQ Grillware replacement stainless steel burner for gas barbecue grill repairs. The stainless pipe burner has an adjustable air vent that operates like a carburetor that affects the air and gas mixture in the burner. $34.95

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bbq grill ware grill parts gas burner

Mount burners to the back of the barbecue inside the firebox with this adjustable burner support shelf. Adjusting brackets and collector boxes make this a perfect burner shelf for many models.

Burner Shelf Detail

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adjustableburner shelf kit
Burner Shelf Detail
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convection style barbecuing heat build up

Standard barbecuing uses wood and flash fired wood charcoal. Heat is kept low so food cooks slow and as moisture gets pulled out of the food the food absorbs flavored smoke. A gas barbecue mimics this effect without smoke... and without flavor. The idea is to step up the heat to 400 and 500 degrees and cooking a little faster because there is not smoke to absorb. The barbecue burners do not get hot enough to actually cook food so we light the burners and close the BBQ hood so the air trapped in the hood holds heat. Like an over or a broiler eventually the hot air trapped in the hood is hot enough to cook. The higher the heat the less time for moisture to escape and the lower the heat the more dripping and clean up needed.

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