New Custom Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Ventless Gas Fireplace and Pizza Oven.

by grillrepair on December 18, 2010

New custom backyard designs.

I know I have not been updating as many of our custom outdoor kitchens as I should but with the holidays we have been really hopping.  It seems everyone is buying ventless gas fireplace sets and we are shipping them as fast as possible.  The vent-free gas fireplace ages of the site are not the best they can be so we are also re-writing web pages and uploading as many videos as possible.

The unvented gas fireplaces we have been moving are mostly alternative gas fireplace designs with a contemporary look for modern home decor.  Most gas fireplaces use steel re-enforced logs made of hand-painted ceramic.  This is not the case in this custom fireplace I’m just making excuses for my lack f updates to the blog.

Initially this image is  the new outdoor kitchen we just completed.  The built in bbq grill is an American Outdoor Grill by RH Peterson.  The built in barbecue has an infrared sear zone burner and an infrared rotisserie burner and two convectional blue-flame burners.

The built in AOG gas barbeque grill is the center piece but this grill island also has refrigeration, a sink with an access door and plenty of storage in cubby holes.  The right side overhangs by 12″ to allow dining or serving.

The outdoor summer kitchen has dry stacked ledge-stone and uba tuba grabite slabs, custom fabricated.  The ledge stone and graite slab are also used on the fireplace.Custom outdoor kitchen grill island and bar

Custom outdoor kitchen grill island and bar

The ventless gas fireplace fire box is made for s by Lennox and the brick work is immaculate.  These images are not great and once we have better ones I will pst them here.  In Florida it has been as low as thirty degrees and raining and our camera here was a mobile phone that was wet and very cold at 9pm.

We used a ventless gas fireplace here because it saved the customer the use of a chimney.  The entire area of the fireplace and the outdoor kitchen is well covered against weather.  We used a manual valve for the ventless gas fireplace burner just to make sure the fireplace was usable even without batteries and in poor weather.

custom built in pizza oven outdoor

custom built in pizza oven outdoor

This pizza oven is made to be either built in to a custom outdoor barbecue grill island or to be portable with casters.  We kept the base to design an area for wood stock and mounted the built in pizza oven into our custom outdoor summer kitchen design.  The brick work is different here because we used a Boston brick facade which we then textured with mortar and moss to create an older used look to the brand new wall of the pizza oven.

The double door design makes the fire box easily accessible.  Normally a pizza oven insert is a big stone dome that is difficult to install and the wood burning fire has to be created in the dome where the food is cooked.  The nice thing about this logistically difficult stone pizza oven is that the wood smoke stays with the food and the stone dome magnifies the heat.

This pizza oven that we built in to the grill island has a door to access barbecuing and smoking food and a door for accessing the fire.  Of course there are stone panels all through the pizza oven grill and holes in the barrier in between the flames and the food for flavor transfer.

This job is 3 custom backyard outdoor kitchen islands in one backyard and is a beautiful example of the work we do.  The customer had other construction going on so we were waiting to begin the custo on site work.  Once we got the go-ahead there was a party in six days!!

Go ahead, scroll back up and look at that work.  We built a 10×10′ custom outdoor kitchen and a 6×4′ custom ventless gas fireplace and a 7’6″ custom  pizza oven with stone walls and a granite custom fabricated top i six days.  6 Days!!  I do not think there is anyone as good as the guys on our crews.  I guess after we have built over 2 thousand custom outdoor kitchens on site our team is well equipped to handle what would be impossible for other outdoor kitchen fabrication company!

As we get better images of these three custom outdoor kitchens I will post better images for you to see.

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