DCS Stainless Replacement Burners – Compare and Contrast.

by grillrepair on August 3, 2012

dcs 36 gas bbq built in to outdoor kitchen

dcs 36" gas bbq built in to outdoor kitchen

Which replacement burner should you use to repair your Dynamic Cooking Systems gas grill?  Even big companies like DCS get lured to the dark side of cheap foreign manufacturing.  There are a lot of companies who were once well known American manufacturing brands that no longer manufacture their products in the US because the higher prices make it difficult to sell competitively.  Personally I do not buy that; both figuratively and literally.  The fact remains DCS has not evolved much since the company was sold about 8 years ago and is no longer owned by an American corporation.

Compare DCS Burners

Majestic grill parts sells barbecues, repairs barbecues, replacement parts, fireplaces, etc and I strongly encourage all of you DCS owners to Clean Your Barbecue so you do not need replacement parts.  There are barbecues that will need parts and repairs no matter what you do but DCS gas grills were heavily manufactured to last forever and if you take care of the barbecue it will last forever without “nickel and diming” you to bankruptcy.

If you do need a replacement U burner for a DCS gas grill you probably noticed we have two different burners (DCS burners here) that seem to be the same except one is a lot more expensive than the other.  Normally that means there is a after-market product available and a manufacturers product available.  However, I find it odd to refer to the DCS burner as non-aftermarket when the company who owns DCS has never manufactured that item and is having the parts made outside the US just like an aftermarket company would do.  It seems the DCS burner is the actual aftermarket burner when you consider we have been having the replacement burner made for the DCS grills far longer than F&P has.

As stated above, if you have the original DCS burners take care of them!

If you do need a DCS replacement burner you either have an older DCS with cast iron burners or you have a newer DCS with stainless steel U shaped burners.  We recently had a customer who insisted on buying the DCS sold replacement burners and I suspect it was because they believe the manufacturer would make the better product.  Often the higher price implies better quality, better materials, better workmanship — but not always (see Viking).

I know there are a lot of companies who hope to be the cheapest and they go over seas to buy the cheapest knock-off parts they can possibly find.  That’s not us.  Especially with a gas grill like a DCS that is one of the best made and best performing gas grills in the world we have always believed quality is more important.  Today we posted a page to allow you to see the burners next to one another at various angles and different close-ups to see if there is a different between the high-quality burner we sell for DCS gas grills and the burners DCS buys to sell as DCS burners.

Compare DCS Burners

There are cheaper burners that look the same and there are less expensive burners that are  priced fair by cutting out the middleman.  Take a look and decide for yourself.

Also the first DCS gas grill model to use stainless steel U burners was the D model about 12 years ago.  The DCS D model was the best made barbecue on the planet back then.   See why here.

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BGB 30 model DCS gas grill built in to an outdoor kitchen in Florida

BGB 30 model DCS gas grill built in to an outdoor kitchen in Florida

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