Gas Log Fireplace Regulation Proposed By Federal Energy Commission

by grillrepair on October 24, 2012

Although centered on Rasmussen gas logs this Wall Street Journal Article is about the new proposed regulations on gas logs.  The energy commission is essentially looking for ways to enforce cleaner air standards and has been looking at gas heaters.  After years of analysis someone got the bright idea to lump in gas fireplaces.  The regulations are aiming to get rid of the pilot kit because the tiny pilot flame burns 24/7 whether the gas fireplace is used or not.

We are in Florida and Florida is not a very cold place in the winter so my experiences with our customers may be somewhat one-sided.  I know the customers we have sold gas fireplaces to usually call us after the first “cold” day of the year so I can re instruct them on how to light the pilot because they turned the gas shut off for the past 10 months.

Most people do not buy a gas fireplace as a heater.  In these modern times most homes have electricity and we do not fret about climate control the way we did 20, 30 and 40 years ago.  Every customer we have sold a fireplace to has always expressed their purchase as a decoration, as ambiance for their room.  Although the fireplace is a live fire in a closed room they are rarely relied upon for heat.  Moreover with the federally mandated pilot kit, BTU limits, safety valves and oxygen depletion sensors (all of which are mandatory on vent-free gas fireplaces) it is extraordinarily rare for someone to be harmed by air particle emissions, by heat or by gas.

Gas fireplaces today just burn too clean and too safe for there to be a problem.

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