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by grillrepair on October 20, 2012

portable infrared gas grill

Note the control box on the right side of the grill is where the regulator gas valve, ignition module and electrode attach to the body of the grill.

Majestic Grill Parts just added a gang of repair parts to the page of infrared Anywhere and Everywhere model gas grills by Solaire.  Older infrared portable grills had a different threading that held the regulator to the side of the grill and the old regulator valve with these metric threads is no longer available.  The newer models have the same regulator but the threads that hold the regulator valve to the controls has US threads and the new replacement regulator valve will not thread into the old control box.

Instead the old infrared portable grills that need to be repaired have to replace the entire box on the side of the grill.  Fortunately there is a kit available to do this that is much less expensive than buying the regulator valve and a new control box.  The new replacement grill part is the control box with the US threads but it also ships with the electrode, module and the regulator valve and orifice already mounted.

The Anywhere repair parts page of the site also shows the regulator valve replacement for the newer infrared grills that already have the US threaded connection.  Both pages also have the serial number listings so you can check your Anywhere model to find out if you have a US threaded regulator or a metric threaded regulator.  If the serial number is not readable on the back of the grill these pages also show how to tell if the threads are metric or US threads without the serial numbers.  Check it out here:

Now the infrared portable gas grills are totally repairable with every single parts of the grill available for replacement so the grill continues to last for many more years of great flavor.

cooking grid scraper

cooking grid scraper for v channel concave grids


Also, we added a new page to the Solaire infrared grill parts pages that explain the special scraper designed for the TEC and the Solaire V channel Grilling grates.  Infrared burner heat is so intensely hot most manufacturers use a very thin material as cooking grates because adding mass can cause structural problems.  Because the materials used is 304 stainless steel the material has to be kept clean of grease and marinade build ups.  If the chromium in the stainless is not able to create a chomical reaction with oxygen molecules in the air than the stainless can eventually rust.

The V channel concave grates seem tailor-made for accumulating grease that is very difficult to clean out of these channels.  The scraper on these new pages of the site shows how easy it is to keep the grids clear which is safer to eat from, safer for grilling at high heats that will ignite build-ups of grease and will make the grates last a lot longer.

The scraper that was designed for the V channel concave grates looks like to points or two vampire fangs but they match the V channel shape and distance exactly.  The points line up exactly so the scraper can be used to clean the replacement v channel TEC grids and the Solaire grids leaving nothing on the cooking grates between cooking times.

After grilling on the infrared grill turn the burners to the high setting and leave them for approximately 10 minutes.  This burn-off dries out any residual sauces, marinades and grease stuck in the concave channel of the grate.  Then use the V channel scraper to scrape the grates from the back to the front so the grease can be either wiped out of the grates to the floor or into the drip tray if we extend it from the bottom of the control panel.

…and as always, if anyone has questions or needs any assistance please contact Majestic Grill Parts at:

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