Replacement Electrode Fits All H, Oval, Bowtie BBQ Grill Burners

by grillrepair on October 21, 2012

replacement electrode

replacement electrode designed to replace the igniter on any barbecue grill with oval, H or figure 8 burners

Majestic Grill Parts just added a new page to detail the extraordinary uses of this one particular igniter electrode.  This is not an electrode that has ever been installed in a barbecue by the factory as the standard ignition as designed but is a replacement igniter specially fabircated to be able to be used on any gas barbceue grill with burners shaped like an H, an Oval or a Figure 8 (also called infinity burners andbow tie burners and butterfly burners).

The page linked above has all the details and images of how this electrode can be used in such a huge variety of places.

figure 8 burner also called infinity or butterfly or bow tie burner

This burner is a figure 8 but is also called a bow tie burner, infinity burner, butterfly burner. essentially it is a H burner closed at the ends.

Way back in the old days most barbecues used burners that were shaped like a capital H and the burner had either on or two gas tubes that connected the burner to the control valve(s).  Hundreds, if not thousands of gas barbecues were sold using some version of an H burner.  As more fabricators started manufacturing brands of barbecues there were some variations but change happens slow so the new designs were not much different from the old designs.

Although some of the “newer” grill models (20 – 40 years ago) designed Oval burners and figure 8 burners these new burners were made just like the original H and the venturi tubes attached to the burner and connected to the controls in exactly the same way.

Figure 8 burners are called figure 8 burners because the burner looks like the number 8 laid on one side just as the H burner looks like an H and an oval burner is a long oval.  Regardless of the shape all of these gas grill burners connected in the BBQ the same way with the same gaskets, hardware and venturi tube sizes.  However there were a whole bunch of different designs for the ignition assembly in the barbecues.

h burner with ignitor attached to venturi bracket

If there is no where else to attach the replacement electrode we can still repair the BBQ by attaching the bracket to the base of the venturi tube because the electrode will arc around to the ports where gas leaves the burner.

Although the module has always been integrated into the control panel with the control knobs the electrodes that spark inside the grill have been in dozens of different locations.  Sometimes the electrode screwed to the front wall of the inner fire box, sometimes the electrode was screwed to the back wall.  The electrode was often screwed to the burner inbetween the venturi tubes and sometimes the electrode clamped to the burner somehow.  Regardless of how the old, original electrode attached inside the barbecue this replacement electrode can be used to attach the new electrode to the old H, Oval, Butterfly burners.

The electrode comes as an assembly that includes a long electrpde wire and a bracket that bends around the electrode to act like a collector box.  If the original electrode screwed into the original burner we can use that original threaded hole to attach this new electrode.  The bracket has a long slot instead of a hole for a screw so the electrode can be adjusted further away or closer to the screw that holds the electrode to the burner.  If the original burner did not have an electrode attached to the burner than we can still add this electrode to the burner by using the screws or bolts that hold the venturi tubes to the bottom of the burner.  Because of the long slot that allows the electrode to extend away from its installation bolt we can attach the venturi tube mounting bracket to the bracket of the electrode and then extend it to the edge of the burner.  This was

replacement electrode installed on an oval burner

installed from under the burner the electrode bends up to spark exactly where the gas leaves the burner for immediate ignition.

the electrode sparks against the collector box or sparks against the edge of the burner right where the gas comes through the ports.

This is one of the few BBQ grill repair parts we sell that is not an exact-fit replacement.  This electrode was always designed to replace an igniter that worked slightly differently.  Most of the models that used H and oval burners like the old Fiesta, Charmgloww, Falcon, Arkla, Amberlight, Embermatic, Preway and others placed the electrode under the burner as though to protect the collector box from falling grease. This is not a bad idea at all but outdoors with the heating and cooling and the sauces and the grease, rain and dirt eventually these old barbecues start to need repairs.  When we need an ignition electrode for a barbecue we are not terribly choosy because any electrode from any gas grill is going to spark once it is plugged into a module.  The difference from one electrode to another is only the architecture that allows it to be easily installed in to the grill based on where there are holes, brackets, support shelves and other grill parts that the electrodes mount to.

Universal electrode

All other electrodes

The beauty of this particular replacement electrode ignition is that we do not need to have a separate Fiesta  Oval burner electrode and an other Arkla oval burner electrode and another Falcon replacement electrode, etc.  All the barbecues that have an H burner, an Oval burner or an infinity (bow tie, figure 8, butterfly) burner can all have their igniters repaired with the same electrode assembly.

If you have a grill to repair, check it out and see how easy this electrode is to make the ignition new again.  Majestic Grill Parts has a easy return policy and we do not have a problem taking back parts — especially parts like this one that we sell a lot of.  We know the igniter will work n thousands of models that used these popular burner designs and we’ll take the risk for you to try it and find out for yourself.


As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance please contact us at Majestic Grill Parts:

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