replacement burner bent angle at venturi for tuscany bbq grill repair

Replacement Pipe Burner Detail Showing Angle In Venturi

by grillrepair on August 6, 2012

We created an extra page for this burner because it is different from the hundreds of replacement pipe burners we stock.  Most pipe burners used in barbecue grills today are all the same.  They are one inch diameter.  They all have an air adjustment sleeve that opens and closes and defines the opening where the orifice is inserted when the burner is installed in the grill.  They all have the flat section at the back of the burner for mounting the burner to stay level in the barbeque and burn evenly through the ports.

replacement burner detail shows bent venturi tube

replacement burner detail shows bent venturi tube

This burner gets a special page because it is different and the difference is difficult to show in the specification drawings we use to show the dimension of the gas grill replacement parts available.

Click to see the burner information listed and why the burner is bent at an angle for better performance.  This burner was used on some models of Tuscany, Vermont Castings, Jenn Air and others.

The installation instructions in the video on the universal adjustable pipe burner page is mostly the same for all replacement pipe burners.  There are some minor differences from grill to grill becaus ethe hole in the installation bracket in the back of the fire box can be different and the ignition electrode can mount different but most pipe burners are all installed the same.  Watch the installation video at:

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