Turbo STS Gas BBQ Grill Repair Parts Including Control Valves

by grillrepair on December 9, 2012

Discussing the Turbo STS gas barbecue please note there are three STS grills.  Actually there are many more

control valve replacement to repair turbo sts bbq grill

Control valve replacement control valve perfectly repairs STS Turbo gas barbecue but not the ignition.

then 3 but there are three different barbecues.  Within the 3 main categories there are 3 burner, 4 burner, 5 burner models and models with and without various features.  Two of these models have flame-thrower control valves so the third model (the latest) is easily determined.

manifold and valve with points for electric ignition

When we push the knob to turn the metal tab touches to complete the electrical circuit and the electrode clicks until we release the knob.

The last STS used an electronic ignition but the control valves has contact points on them so when we pushed the knob in to turn it the points touched and completed the electrical circuit from the module so the electrode would spark until we released the control knob.

The other 2 models both had flame thrower valves which seem to act the same with automatic ignition but with very different means to the end.  A flame thrower valve has the standard ball valve and the standard gas orifice stuck into the burner.  However, a flame thrower has a bracket on the side with an electrode (like a tint spark plug) attached.  The base of the bracket where it attaches to the body of the valve has a secondary orifice that sprays small amounts of gas into the bracket.  The gas flows through the bracket and exits the bracket into the grill right next to the burner.  When we push the knob in gas flows through the bracket.  When we turn the knob gas flows into the main burner through the primary prifice but as we continue to turn the knob the valve clicks as it sends a spark to the electrode.  By the time we’ve pushed the control knob in and then turned it until it sparks that sparking electrode is in a small cloud of gas.

Watching a flame thrower is slightly thrilling — flame thrower bbq video — because the affect looks like a doll sized flame thrower.

flame thrower valve with flames shooting out to ignite the burner

Next to the burner the secondary orifice throws a cloud of gas and ignites it to throw the flames at the burner and automatically light the grill.

The difference between the 2 valves in the “CG” models ogf STS and  the 720-0057 models of STS is the orifice of the valve.  The orifice screws down into the aluminum casting of the CH3 and CG4 and CG5 models of STS grill.  The 720-0057 has a long (1.25″) extension that screws to the valve and the slightly smaller orifice also screws into this extension.  The 3 different models look the same but the “guts” are different because the manufacturers were different.

The long build-up was because we get a lot of requests for the control valves.  I do not want to mention names because I do not want to have an argument with anyone but the companies who were buying and importing appliances in China so they could sell them to the Turbo retailer have had some serious liability problems because they did not get proper certification on all the appliances they imported.  About 3 years ago it became very difficult to order the controls from them.  Rather then complain we usually go through the parts that we do have available and we devise a way to repair the grill.

original control valve fot sts 720-0057 with igniter

This is the original flame-thrower control valve that has the module and electrode attached with a secondary orifice to throw gas into the grill and ignite.

In this instance we took the flame thrower for the 720 STS models and sent it to a manufacturer we’ve been working with for a long time.  We had the control valve made to fit this grill model exactly.  The only difference is that the “new” valve is not a flame thrower.  If we added a flame thrower (without going to china and mass producing thousands of them) the valve would have cosst over $100. and people will not generally pay that much for a control valve.

As it is the valve is $40. which is expensive for a grill control.   The valve was designed for the STS so the clamp-on attachment to the manifold fits perfectly.  The orifice from the old valve fits the new valve so they can be used for LP and for NG.  The angle of the valve and the extension is also exact and the valve stem was designed to fit the control knob and the knob set-screw also.


In the back of these models are cross-over brackets that allow the flame from one burner to “cross-over” to the burner on either side.  This is a shelf for the burner to stay level but also a way for the burners to light if the igniters are not working so long as at least one of the igniters are working.

perfect flame burners with support shelf tunnel for gas to ignite

Cross-overs allow the flames to move right or left so one burner can light the gas coming from a neighboring burner.

This means we can use our “new” design of control valve and have the ability to control the gas flow to the burner when we repair the grill by replacing the flame thrower with the newly designed control valve.  So long as one burner with an igniter is still in the grill we are fine.  If all the valves are replaced then we have to retro-attach an ignition module and an electrode for each burner.

Remember the goal is to repair the barbecue.  Often a client will desire the exact-fit, exact-same replacement part to repair the barbecue but when you are buying products mass produced overseas and specifically designed to change the name and branding we have to expect replacement parts will not be available.  We do what we have to to repair the appliances and keep them in use.

Sometimes that means using a part for one model on another model and sometimes that means having a part custom designed and manufactured for our use.  When the valves have to be replaced and there are no longer any igniters then we simply add igniters.  Most barbecues have a push-button on the control panel and the electrodes inside the grill sprak as long as that button is pressed.  It is very simple to mount a electrode through the hole in the front firewall where the flame thrower valve electrode was poking through.  It is also simple to mount a module with a button and a battery to send the spark to those electrodes just like a normal barbecue.

For more information about the control valves and other replacement parts for Turbo barbecue grills there are pages of data available at:

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