Weber BBQ Grill Lid Is Flaking Paint Into My Food While Cooking.

by grillrepair on December 15, 2012

One of the more common calls we receive is from customers who insist there is paint falling into their food because the paint on the inner lid of their Weber barbecue grill is coming apart and dropping onto food.  This video shows the hood being cleaned and is only about one minute long.
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Many customers complain the paint on the Weber inner barbecue hood is flaking into their food. There are flakes all over the inner grill lid that drop onto food while cooking so customers contact us to clean the barbecue or replace the Weber hood.

The porcelain enamel coating on a Weber colored lid is not capable of flaking into your food because the porcelain enamel is baked onto the solid steel material of the hood.

When we get flaking into the food in a Weber Spirit or Genesis or Summit BBQ with colored hoods the flakes are years and years of grease smoke, grease splatters, carbon fumes from the burners, etc. The build-up of grease and burning fumes coats the inner liner and forms to the shape of the Weber BBQ Hood. Eventually the waste material gets thick enough that gravity pulls it off the formed lid of the BBQ and it seems like black paint flakes are dropping into our barbecued chickens!

This is not paint, is not some toxic external chemical but is the years of grease and fumes from using your barbecue. A good degreaser and soft bristled scrub brush will clean away the grease and leave the inner porcelain Weber Lid shinning like new. This video is only about 1 minute and shows the inner Weber Lid being cleaned.


As an aside – a few years (about 10!) ago I was at a training session.  Weber does these training sessions about every 2 years and attendees receive continuing gas license credits for our certification.  This was while I had been building custom outdoor kitchens most days and helping with service and running the store intermittently so I did not know much.  I mentioned to these Weber technicians that I kept getting the same complaint from customers with Weber barbecues over 5 years old.  They told me the paint was not paint but a build-up of grease.

I said “no way” because I had seen the flaking paint in the barbecues.  We ran an experiement with a torch, a razor blade and a bunch of food and I lost a $100. bet!

It is impossible for the porcelain enamel coating on Weber BBQ Grill models to flake!

Use a degreaser and clean the inner lid and your hood will be fine.







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