Adjust High-Low Heat And Gas Flow With BBQ Grill Valve Setting

by grillrepair on December 9, 2013

Video Instructions To Adjust The High and Low Control Of Your Barbecue Grill Control Valve.

Learn How To Properly Adjust Your Barbecue Grill In One Minute (or less!).

There are a multitude of ways to make adjustments to your barbecue grill.  The most common question we get from clients is how to make the barbecue hotter or to make the cooking area more evenly distributed but the best adjustment most people do not know about is the control valve adjustment.  The control valves are essentially small ball-valves that slowly open and close as we turn the stem to allow more or less gas flow through the ball valve opening.  The adjustment described in the video above is how we can make changes to how the ball valve opens and closes.

Although not every control valve in the world has this adjustment most of the high-end barbecues have the adjustment and a lot of the lower-end models do also.

After removing the control knob a long flat-head screw driver can be inserted down into the valve stem.

We want to make the adjustment while the barbecue is turned on and flames are burning on the burner.  We make adjustments while the grill is burning because we want to see the adjustment immediately so we can either continue adjusting or recognize an over-compensation immediately.  What if we adjust the valve in the wrong direction so no gas passes through the valve and we don’t see it because the barbecue is turned off?  Then when we try to test the grill, nothing happens at all and we have to try to remember how many turns and in what direction we adjusted the set-screw.  I have had clients contact me with this problem and the only suggestion I can make is to have someone stand there with a lighter burning or a candle while we leave the valve turned On and then try to adjust the stem back where it belongs.


With the burner flames burning we make adjustments to the set-screw inside the valve stem to change the amount of gas passing through at the setting where we left the knob dialed-to.  The way this is supposed to work is that we dial the valve all the way to LOW, as far as the valve can turn.  Then we adjust the set-screw down inside the valve stem to bring the flames as High or as Low as we want them at the lowest position.  A lot of high BTU grills, especially infrared grills need this adjustment the first time they are see because the infrared burner needs to pressurize to burn and if the valves are adjusted too low then the burner will flame-out.  It stops burning on low.

It is a common complaint for a new owner of an infrared grill to say the barbecue grill will not cook on low but simply goes out.  I have even heard a lot of barbecue grill technicians tell customers not to purchase infrared grills because they’ll only burn on high and only cook with terrifically high temperatures.  Of course this is the real strength of an infrared grill but the valves should be adjusted so the burner does not have problems staying On when the valve is turned low.

Moreover the grill can be designed to be hotter but the grill adjusted hotter will be both hotter  when dialed to High and will be hotter when dialed to low.  When we adjust the set-screw in the valve stem we change the settings evenly for all the settings of the valve stem where we will turn the control knob.  For instance let’s assume we look at the range of motion as though the control knob has the face of a clock.     If we have Off in the 12 o’clock position, High at the 11 o’clock position and at low in the 6 o’clock position then this is like a lot of control valve movement on our various barbecue grills.  We set the valve to Low at the 6 o’clock position while the cooking grates and heat shields or briquette tray or lava grid is removed so we can see the flames adjust to Low.    Then we remove the knob and slide the small flat-head screwdriver down the valve stem and lightly wiggle-twist it until we feel the blade of the screw driver sink into the groove of the set screw.  With the flames burning on Low we adjust the valve stem higher or lower.  If we move the flame higher then we have adjusted that Low setting to a higher position.  What used to be (for instance) the amount of gas flowing through at “medium” is now flowing at “low” but this means our “medium” is no longer at the same setting but higher in proportion to the Low adjustment.  In this way we have adjusted our High setting even higher.

The adjustment is designed to adjust the low-setting of the grill valve si burners do not stop working when left at the low setting for some time.  Fortunately this is a very simple adjustment that can be easily performed over and over again without taking anything apart or disconnecting anything and the adjustment can always be easily undone as needed.

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