Air Vent Shutter Install And Adjust Instructions Using Lynx and DCS Grill Burners.

by grillrepair on October 12, 2013

Air Vent Shutter Installation And Adjustment Instructions For Great Flames And Great Grill Heat  Using Lynx and DCS Grill Burners.

This video shows the installation and adjustment of the stainless shutter on the barbecue burner venturi in about One Minute.

lynx brass burner and replacement shutter

Lynx Cast Brass Burner With Replacement Air Shutter

This is the cast brass burner used by Lynx gas barbecue grills.  Although newer Lynx grills now also  come with infrared grill burners called Pro-Sear Burners.   As we will see below infrared burners do not have air shutters.  However, the cast brass blue-flame barbecue burners do have a sliding disc air shutter.

Lynx Grill Parts

This image shows the air shutter on the cast brass burner.  One single bolt holds the vent disc to the cast brass burner.  The same mounting bolt also loosens the vent to be adjusted and tightened in place.

As the video shows the air shutter has to be adjusted to allow air to mix with gas spraying into the burner.  There is not a specific adjustment because every burner can be different.   For instance varied altitudes cause thinner air so an air shutter at sea level on a beach in Florida will not be as open to air as a burner set-up on Pike’s Peak where air is thinner.

When a brand new barbecue is installed the air shutter is usually set at the factory.  However, the low-heat valve adjustment and electrode gaps are all also set at the factory.  This is why intelligent customers buy their appliances from a local companby who will deliver and install the appliance.  There are dozens of minor adjustments to be made so the barbecue works properly, optimally.  I cannot count how many times a client has called us for a replacement part and said “this grill has just never quite worked right”.  There are specific adjustments and the air shutter is one of them.

The flame on the burner should be about 1″ to 1.5″ tall and should be blue with a yellow or white tip.  Watch the video above.  The flames flicker and move a bit so there is some variation but generally the video shows a well-adjusted flame.

cast iron burner and air vent for dcs

DCS Cast Iron Burner and Replacement Air Shutter.

This image shows a cast iron burner replacement used in barbecue models by DCS, Dynamic Cooking Systems.  The original DCS 27″ gas grill used the same exact burner as the Lynx (I should have said that the other way around since DCS came first and Lynx was copying).  The air vent adjustment is also the same.

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Adjust the air shutter on your barbecue burner just like it is shown in the video.  Remove the control panel so you are able to see the front venturi of the burner and the control valve orifice inserted into the burner.  The air shutter will have a set screw that holds the position against accidental movement so unscrew the set screw slightly so the adjustable vent is loose enough to move.  Light the burner  so the grill burner has flames.

Once we are able to see the flames we can tell which way to adjust the vent.  Just as we see in the video we adjust slowly and then hold the position for a few seconds to allow the gas-to-air mixture to burn through the burner and adjust the resultant flame.  We move  a few degrees clockwise and then we stop for about 5 secinds to watch the flames adjust to the new setting.  Then we adjust more or in the other direction until we can tell what the burner needs in order to adjust to the perfect flame.

We want the perfect flame because gas will always burn to create carbon monoxide to a greater or lessor degree.  With a lean flame the flames are noisy and blow out which causes unburned gas to emit unheeded.  This is obviously very dangerous in the obvious danger of gas spreading beyond the grill but also because if we’re cooking gas is going to damage the food.  The opposite is also true.  Too much gas or not enough of an air mixture will make the flames big and messy and yellow.  These flames will emit a noticeable carbon fume strong enough to see with the naked eye.  That black fume is poison.  We need the flame to be the correct height and color to be safe and to barbecue effectively.

Sometimes a client will call me to say their burner is all white or yellow even with the air shutter vent adjusted all the way open.  Adjust the vent in both directions and see the effect to make sure the burner adjustment is affecting the burner correctly.  Also check the history of the appliance.  At some point the fuel may have been converted and the orifices may have been set too high, allowing too much gas to flow behind the manufacturers specifications.

manifold control valve orifice attached to burner venturi

Burner venturi does not have an air vent shutter but is always wide open

This image is an infrared burner venturi tube and control valve.  This is what we will see when we remove the control panel to see the manifold, control valves and the front of the burners.  The infrared burner will not have an air adjustment shutter on it.  None of them do.  Whether the original TEC infrared burner, Lynx ProSear, Viking TruSear and any of the knock-off burners like the ones Lynx, Firemagic, OCI and other use, none of these has a air shutter to adjust.  I suspect the actual science behind this is a part of the top-secret patented information but obviously the burners build-up pressure to pressurize the gas through the top ceramic tiles where there are thousands of flame-ports.

If there were an adjustable air shutter on an infrared burner it would probably be dangerous to close the vent because burning purer gas under pressure would generate a lot of dirty flame instantly.  Watching the perfect blue-flame rear-up into a bright white tall, dirty flame in the video that would be a whole lot messier and more dangerous with an infrared burner pressurizing pure gas while burning.

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There are a few other things we can adjust if there are further problems but 99.9% of the time adjusting the air shutter is very simple and very easy to see and to do.  If you ever do need assistance Majestic Grill Parts is available to answer all questions (about barbecues and fireplaces!).

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