Amazon and Walmart Sold Haier Freezers Burst Into Flames.

by grillrepair on May 13, 2013

The Chinese owner appliance company recently expanded a huge recall for “chest freezers” sold with both the Haier and the Black and Decker branding.  The freezers have some kind of electrical issue that can make them burst into flames.

There have been over 20 reported accidents with more than 4 fires that had substantial property damage.  For information unplug the appliance immediately and contact Haier America.

Unfortunately Haier is the company who tried to get jade, Maytag, Dynasty and Jenn Air before Middleby took American funding to betray Americans.  Haier also recently took over Fisher & Paykel which means they now own DCS.

The common trend is for companies to buy brands that we consumers automatically think of as American Made.  Jade, Jenn Air, Dynasty, Black And Decker, DCS, Ducane and many other brands commonly thought of as American made products get bought by some other company who buys a bunch of very low-cost products from China and switches the name.  Then instead of “cheap stuff from China” the appliance says Black and Decker or Jenn Air and we do not it is not what it never claimed to be until a few months later when they break or burn the house down.

buyer beware.

Oh joy….


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