Before and After Custom Outdoor Kitchen Refinished, Revitalized.

by grillrepair on December 6, 2013

Changing the Look of an Existing Outdoor Kitchen.

before and after changing old grill island into new grill island

Updating the grill island into a better-built and more attractive outdoor kitchen with before and after pictures to show updated island.

About 50% of the time we accept a project to work on someone’s existing outdoor kitchen we refuse to get involved because there are so many outdoor kitchens that are built really (really!!) badly that we will not accept liability to stress something poorly constructed.

Yesterday i was in this very expensive Boca Raton community and one of the biggest and most incredible homes on a whole community of very expensive homes had me looking at an outdoor kitchen. The island had an Alfresco which at the time was the Best Grill On The Planet but the island was horribly badly built and unsafe. There is not one thing I could say good about the island although it looked “normal” from the outside. Obviously the person who built the island convinced the home owner they knew what they were doing but there were a dozen code violations and really awful construction mistakes.

This island we did agree to update the island and replace the grill. The old island had a DCS 27 and a double side burner. The problem with that is that the DCS27 was not designed as a built in grill and has no mounting flange so it had to be built on a shelf inside the island. Then they added the side burner which is on a shelf with one side of the flange on the counter and the other side of the built-in trim against the grill since they are way too close to one another. DCS did not make a double side burner back then designed to match the depth of the 27″ grill.

Instead of fighting with the grill and the side burner we removed both and installed an AOG by Firemagic which gave the homeowner a larger grill and an infrared sear burner. The infrared technology is what took away DCS control of the grill industry 15 years ago when DCS was considered the best grill company in the world. The technology is an amazingly efficient pressurized burner capable of exceeding 1000 degrees direct heat in one minute.

In order to add a dry-stacked ledge stone to the island the counter top had to be changed or the thickness of the stone would make it stick out further than the counter top and that does not look right or age well so we had a custom fabricated slab of granite to replace this forest green tile.
The image here shows a Before-and-After comparison and I think the bottom image that shows the changes we made to this outdoor kitchen looks a lot better than the original island. In the comments here, let me know if you agree or disagree and why.

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