Capital Gas Grill Repair Parts and Igniters

by grillrepair on January 11, 2013

Capital BBQ Grill parts online has been updated and now also includes a short video to demonstrate how to test the Capital 9 volt battery module and know whether the spark generator or the button or the ignition electrodes are the part to replace.

capital bbq grill head for built in grill islands

Capital bbq grills have all the evolved features that should have gone into the dcs with infrared burners, reliable igniters and heavy stainless


Often when customers call they say “I need to replace the ignition in my gas grill.” but an igniter is an assembly of parts and each item has the ability to fail.  Some of these grill parts are more likely to fail than others so it is wiser to test the ignitors rather than just start replacing the pieces.

The igniters are the most commonly replaced parts of any barbecue but a grill built as well as a Capital will rarely need replacements or repairs as long as the appliance is properly used and maintained.

The primary page for Capital Grill Parts is listed at this URL:

The module with the pictures of how to use the ignition and how to test the spark generator to locate the problem is listed here:

Burner detail pages can be found at:

and more detail pages are coming soon.  With the detail pages we are able to post additional information to test the materials, use, maintenance as well as share the decades of experience we have built-up working on gas barbecues, grills, smokers and fireplaces.





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