China Considering Barbecue Ban To Slow Air Pollution.

by grillrepair on March 6, 2013

China is in the news for considering a ban on barbecues in order to combat air pollution.  From what I have read the street vendors often use charcoal pits to cook food and the combination of all these charcoal fires is ruining the air in large cities.  News claimed last month there were wide spread complaints in North China and a lot of residents have taken to wearing face masks to avoid the poisons from all the charcoal fires.

You would think if there was such a popular outcry against air pollution people would not buy the food and the vendors would go elsewhere but China is voting to generate a ban on barbecuing and other appliances that contribute to air pollution.  This has become a popular pastime in other countries including the United States where a lot of major cities have air-pollution bans that limit when residents are permitted to use barbecues and fireplaces.


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