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by grillrepair on November 13, 2013

Throughout the past the custom outdoor kitchen was always something for the very wealthy but in the past two decades I have seen a lot of the normal residential neighborhoods.  Although it is annoying when the unexperienced and unqualified encroach grill island fabrication the exposure has made the custom built outdoor kitchen more prevalent and the quantity has driven down the costs in many areas.  Even as the custom grill island has become  more accessible there are specific features that are still very expensive and installed in those rare excessively wealthy homes.  For instance a 30 inch wide Alfresco “B” model sells for less than $2000. whereas a 30 inch wide Alfresco LX2 model costs over $4000. and a AOG36 built in grill that is 36 inches wide by Firemagic sells for $2000. LED lighting has often been among the too-expensive the be used often details.

When the LED lighting has been too costly to install often we have often used stick-on spotlights and rope lighting

Custom Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Custom Outdoor Kitchen and Bar with LED lighting to highlight stacked stone and stainless steel.

installed under the bar-top overhang.  However, as exposure grows pricing falls and we had more and more customers buying the LED lights.  The LED strips are very bright, use a red-green-blue strip to make 16 different colors and can be controlled manually or with a hand held remote controlled transmitter.

The outdoor kitchen in this picture is one we just installed recently and the built-in accessories are a charcoal barbecue, access doors, drawers, sliding trash can drawer and hot and cold running water into a sink with a speed rail, towel bar, insulated ice bin and goose-neck faucet.  This outdoor kitchen also has an under mounted sink, a keg-refrigerator and single rangee-top side burner.

We finished the outdoor kitchen with dry-stacked ledge stone and a custom fabricated slab of granite for the counter top and bar over hang and built the back splash to be finished with a lightler stacked ledge stone.  Two-centimeter granite slabs get laminated around the edges with a strip of granite at the edges to make the granite seem thicker and to allow the bullnose, slope or other edging to have more space for the decorative edge.

Where the thicker edge of granite extends past the walls of the island we notch the filled-in space or (depending on the style) stick the light strips so the light strip itself is invisible.  The light is then more subtle illuminating straight down.  The effect is dramatic with any finishing material but the ledge stone is designed with variant depths for each brick stacked together and the light picks up the edges with a slightly different hue depending on the depth and interrupted light from the edges above.


Outdoor light strip with bright LED color combinations

This half-inch strip can install outdoors to create dozens of different colors by combining red, green, blue just like a computer in your backyard.

This picture shows the strip of lights.  The strip is only about 1/2 inch deep and barely thicker than a piece of paper but is 16 feet long.  Each section of 16 feet can also be plugged into another 16 foot long run and up to 3 rolls of lights can be run off of one “brain”.  The brain controls the lights but also is programmable to change the colors, keep the colors changing, fading, or running several different patterns.  Just like the colors generated here on the internet the colors are 3 LED strips of bulbs that light brighter or less to make combinations of colors.


LED outdoor lighting remote control transmitter

LED outdoor lighting remote control transmitter has as many buttons to control backyard lighting as an advanced television remote.

This is the remote control optional transmitter that controls the electrical “brain” controls for the lights.  As we can see in this image there are 16 major color selections with variations in-between each bright color so we can fade or flash or control the brightness of each color.  All the patterns, color changes and selections to control the backyard lights are on one simple remote control that is about the size of a deck of playing cards and only about 1/8″ thick.  This control fits easily into  a pocket and can be easily controlled.

When we first started using these LED lights outdoors on the backyard grill islands home owners were completely amazed by the intensity, selections, beautifully seamlessly invisible installation and yes, they were amazed by the enormous cost.  Each set of 16′ lights was about fifteen hundred dollars back then.  Today the outdoor LED lights cost about half that much and additional strips can be controlled from the same electronic brain and remote which cuts the prices even lower for longer areas.

The effect is amazing because the lights can be brighter or dimmer and run all kinds of colored patterns outdoors with little maintenance.  We often run the “brain” to an electrical outlet but we have also run the controls with a battery pack.  We have to place the “brain” where it will not get wet but will still be accessible in case the transmitter gets lost or has dead batteries but because we build the outdoor kitchens we have never had a problem with placement.  We have also never had a problem with a warranty call or trouble with the lights working.  We have been using these for about 10 years now and have never had a complaint — although we have had many complements.

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