Dynasty Gas Grill Repair Parts From Before Jenn Air BBQ Change

by grillrepair on February 23, 2013

dynasty briquette tray

Replacement Support for Briquettes in Dynasty gas BBQ grill models — and some Jenn Air models

Dynasty gas barbecue grills were very well made appliances with a lot of the parts warranty covered for life by the Jade Corporation who also owned the brands Jenn Air and Maytag.  Since the company was sold the products have changed a lot and the Jenn Air brand name no longer refers to indoor and outdoor electrical appliances but to low-end barbecues.

The barbecues made by the original company were sold under the brand name Dynasty  just as that company sold washers called Maytag and electrical appliances called Jenn Air.  The barbecues were as well made for outdoor gas and the legendary indoor appliances.  Everything Jade made was worth the money.  Most people do not say that about the Jenn Air gas barbecues they have used.  However, the customers who bought the original Dynasty gas grills are still using them decades later — and will continue to do so because these were grills meant to last.

We are not able to get a lot of grill parts for these model repairs but we do have a company making burners, venturi tubes with air shutters, full briquette support trays and the briquette trays that had the cut-out for the smoker drawer (that’s right the Dynasty has a smoker drawer in the control panel.).

For other parts we have matched up ignitors and control knobs and modules, electrodes, regulators and other gas grill replacement parts to allow us to keep working on the Dynasty barbecues still in use.  We used to have to use universal “H” shaped burners for these repairs but we have now been stocking the heavy cast iron burner and venturi that is an exact fit for the Dynasty grill models.

Some of the early Jenn Air barbeques were Dynasty models sold with the Jenn Air tag on the control panle and the only way to know for sure is to look at the burners or measure the briqueet tray vaporizers.

Dynasty grill repair parts

Dynasty Grill Burners

Dynasty Briquette Support Trays


cast iron burner for dynasty and jenn air

cast iron burner, venturi, gasket, hardware and air shutter adjustment for Dynasty grill repairs, and some jenn air models.

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