Gratitude And Tears. Sept 11. 2013

by grillrepair on September 11, 2013

Driving in to the office today I had a half-dozen stops to make at various retailers and wholesalers we do business with.  Everywhere I went people are doing the “Where were you when…” conversation.

I had no idea that most of the people I know lost a friend, colleague or a loved one in the attack 12 years ago.

Back in the truck on the way to the office the national news channel i listen to is replaying their entire broadcast from 12 years ago.  With the clarity of retrospect my anger is intensified.  Twelve years ago we were so confused; I remember thinking this cannot be truly happening.  I suspected a grand hoax or a terrible mistake.  These things do not happen here.

Twelve years later I am not wondering what other targets are coming, where tragedy is still going to strike, is this real, who did this, are we at war?  Listening to the rebroadcast I already know what is coming.  I already know the building is going to collapse, already know the body count, already know the frustration that is coming as we hear the stories and watch terrorists laughing at the tragedy from some disgusting subterranean hiding spot.

Without the confusion, speculation, shock my emotions are much more empathetic and by the time I parked here at the office I realized I had tears running down my face.

I am grateful to be alive, grateful to be a father, Proud to be an American — even with all the stumbling errors, self-serving politicians, lying corporate greed I am proud to be a part of the  honor and integrity that we as  Americans strive for.

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