Ice My House in Florida, Nunez Home Custom Fireplace and Grill.

by grillrepair on January 21, 2013

Ice My House in Florida, Nunez Home Custom Fireplace and Grill.

The Episode we worked on with HGTV’s DIY Network show Ice My House finally aired last night.  The show was edited for a high energy experience and the transformation of the total home — which we did not see when we were on site

custom ethanol fireplace for ice my house nunez residence

Custom fireplace with ethanol burner and flip-around flat screen TV for nunez home on ice my house TV show.

because so much was already demolished — was extra – ordinary!

Because the entire production schedule was delayed after a hurricane scare and a lot of rough rainy weather we built the structure designed by Rob in our shop.  I will  attach images here of the structure and progress of the custom fireplace stand as we constructed it.

We do not usually use ethanol fireplaces like this because there have been a lot of people harmed by the gas burners that are essentially stylish bowls full of alcohol.  What has happened is an alcohol flame can be almost invisible when the fuel is very low.  People have grabbed a gallon of ethanol and poured it into the fireplace burner when they thought the flame was burned-out but there was still a slight blue flame burning so low as to be invisible.  When the fuel pours into the burner the flame

fireplace burner ethanol fireplace

ethanol burner built-in to the custom fireplace see-through opening for ice my house

expands and can burn up the stream to the gallon bottle.  If the person panics they can splash the ethanol on the floor, on themselves, around the fireplace and people have lost their homes and their lives this way.

The burner has a stainless steel door on top of the burner so the homeowner can close the door to choke off oxygen and put the flames out which makes this danger totally safe — if the burner is used properly.

We built the custom structure in our shop and left the opening for the fireplace lined with a heavy and strong galvanized steel frame work. We placed granite on top with some glue to hold it steady.  This way the fireplace burner can be removed for easy cleaning or service and the granite can also be removed for access into the floor of the fireplace structure.  Because we did not build

unfinished custom  fireplace

this unfinished fireplace shows the open interior of the burner area

the fireplace on-site this access allows the homeowner the ability to run electric or plumbing through the structure as well as tap-con the base to the deck to make the fireplace unable to move in a storm.

The television flip stand is really interesting.  Mounting the tv support was fairly simple.  We built into the structural cage a heavy 1 14 gauge framework of galvanized steel that intersects with the entire frame.  Then we bolted the stand through this heavier section so there is no movement as the flat screen television is flipped pver and back again.

The flat screen stand is designed to hold artwork on one side and there is a frame that makes the art work able to be installed behind the television and look professionally framed.  When we grab the frame and flip it over the television is on the other side so it is simple to access the TV or to hide it.  The frame is also designed with the idea of mounting on the wall above the headboard of a bed and the flipping process can be stopped when the television is horizontal so it is sticking out and facing down to watch while laying in bed.  We have mounted and installed a lot of flat screen televisions in a lot of outdoor kitchens, bars, outdoor

inside the bull barbecue to see the parts

Inside the Bull BBQ to see the grill parts – stainless burners, vaporizers, grates and controls.

rooms and other custom backyard designs but this is certainly the best looking flat screen mounting option I have seen.  They cost about $1500.

We also installed a Bull BBQ grill at the Nunez residence for Ice My House.  Bull makes high-end stainless steel gas barbecue grills with infrared technology, cast brass burners, stainless steel burners, and self-igniting control valves.  In addition to custom outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and fire pits we also work on barbecues that require replacement parts and service and we almost never have service requests for Bull products.

On peper the Bull BBQ seems not as well made as some of the very expensive grills like Alfresco, FireMagic and Lynx but over the past ten years of selling Bull barbecues we have discovered they do not break, do not wear out.  I am sure someone needs a set of burners somewhere but we get a fraction of the calls for Bull parts as we do for other high-end grills that supposedly warranty every item in the BBQ.

stucco texture to match the house on fireplace

Acrylic stucco texture for long use on custom outdoor fireplace.

















building the custom fireplace with steel framing support

A Galvanized custom cage designed to become the fireplace and flat screen.









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