Propane Explosions Shook Homes 10 Miles Away In Florida.

by grillrepair on July 30, 2013

“…it was just boom after boom after boom…” one resident reported after saying “it was like a car ran into my house”.  The Blue Rhino plant had over 50 thousand liquid propane tanks commonly delivered to gas stations and hardware stores as part of a propane tank exchange program.  Homeowners reported hearing the explosions and feeling their homes shaking from the explosions as far as 10 miles away.

That had to have been incredible!  Tavares, Florida is northwest of Orlando and I imagine anyone closer than 10 miles had to have been absolutely terrified listening to LP cylinders exploding one after another as thousands of gas tanks heated and exploded.  One person told the ABC News affiliate in the area the explosions went on for 30 minutes.  It must have sounded like the city was being attacked.

thousands of propane tanks after fire caused explosions.

This is what 50 thousand burned-out propane tanks looks like.

The gas caught fire last night and injured 8 people, three of whom are listed in critical condition.

Most of us recognize the brand name “Blue Rhino” from the LP exchange tanks we pick up at local gas stations and retail stores.  The name was owned by Uniflame in Canada who also manufacture fireplaces and barbecue and fireplace accessories although I think in the US it is Ferrellgas.   The factory fills tanks of propane for the exchange programs they stock through out the state from  several huge LP tanks.  The large fill tanks  contain  90,000 gallons of propane each.

Firefighters are reporting no cause for the explosions yet but believe an accident, rather than sabotage is to blame.  The Blue Rhino location has approximately 50 employees and although 3 are seriously injured the others who were injured in the fire are reported as having driven themselves to the hospital.

flames show propane explosion in florida at blue rhino location

Flames in the early morning darkness in Tavares, Florida just northwest of Orlando after thousands of propane tanks exploded.



People, Please Be Careful With Natural Gas and Liquid Propane.

Both types of gas are relatively safe but a simple mistake can often have tragic consequences.  We speak with customers all day, every day walking people through repairs on their barbecues and fireplaces and I cannot tell you how many times I have risked hurting someone’s feelings by suggesting they call-in a professional technician.

A few years ago there was an LP explosion in Japan that was caught on video and I looked it up on Youtube.  That one LP tank explosion was astounding.  I cannot imagine being inside the 10 miles of shaking houses as these LP tanks spent 30 minutes blowing-up.

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