Real Grill Repair and Fireplace Assistance Instead of Lies.

by grillrepair on November 9, 2013

Majestic Grill Parts started as a local business in South Florida and a lot of our business is still local.  However, we have also transitioned into providing grill repair parts and assistance on a much larger stage through the website at where we sell products but we also provide repair and installation instructions.  Because of the online work we do we receive a lot of advertisements when we are using facebook and twitter and google+.  The software online is smart enough to know who I am when I am online and they send me the ads from people who are selling products to online businesses.

If you have not seen this the popular sales ads are from people who call themselves professionals because they want to sell you a lot of nothing.


The idea is that you cannot run your own life so you can hire a “life-coach” who will tell you what to discuss around the water cooler and what to wear and how to feel about things that happen in your life.  This is not like the highly-trained psychotherapist couch because a life-coach will usually only communicate with you on the telephone or via email and get s “license” from doing a weekend training on their computer.   They are not cheap and they are only selling you the confidence to do what you would do anyway if you do not over-think yourself into confusion.

The same is often true of “business-coaches”.  The idea is to contact a business owner with some kind of a free report or instructional video with content that business owner finds highly valuable.  Speaking from experience this could be something like how to automate google+ or how to get interaction from customers off emails and onto facebook and twitter.  The idea is like that of the pop-star.  The pop-star releasing an album next week will release the best (most liked in a widely acceptable tone) song on the album just like a movie preview will show :30 seconds of the best action.  We as consumers see the best parts and we think the whole album or whole movie will be that good.  We get the single for free; we get the action scenes from the movie free in order to convince us to buy access to the whole thing.

In my 10+ years I have fallen for a few but today I usually just delete these emails and advertisements.  The verbiage is exciting and promising but I have learned that once I pay to pull aside the curtain the primary content is, like dorothy’s wizard. almost always terribly disappointing.

We do spend several thousand dollars for reports about social media updates and changes in how ads work and how posts get distributed but we spend that money with companies who study the internet who we have known for over 10 years.

This week the whole sales funnel idea got worse.  Instead of providing something valuable to convince me to buy the rest, the email directed me to a page asking for my email.  The promise was a downloadable file but the result was a questionnaire from someone who already had that information or they could not have communicated with me to begin with.  Although I found this less-than-honest and a waste of time  I filled out the form and progressed.

The next page again was not a downloading file but was a website devoted to convincing me to buy a seat in a super-hero conference.  All these nerds are dressed as superman and wonder woman.  I do not use the word “nerd” in a pejorative manner because today, as adults it is the kids who were called nerds who have awesome high-paying jobs.  With their thick-framed glasses and cartoon-stylized faces pasted onto superhero bodies this group of insidious sales-people are trying to use both the story of the successful nerd and the pop-culture fascination with superhero’s  (which does not actually exist but someone to busy trying to understand culture has to interpret what they are able to measure) to sell nothing…and although the product will fit on the head of a pin, the dollars spent are real funds.

Although probably totally out of touch and probably selling useless superfluous information (like a better way to brush our teeth) like the self-trained life coaches I gave them a chance.  After all the original coaches were people like F.W. Taylor and F. Galbraithe who revolutionized the entire world with their business coaching.   I clicked-through, I filled out the form and clicked-through again only to “land” in a web site selling a conference seat.

After lying about what is on the hidden pages behind the curtain,  having waved a big lack-of-integrity, do not trust me flag —  do these people really think anyone would buy something from them?!  Well I guess we get what we deserve.

Breaking down communication to a system of signs and symbols we should know by now the slight deferral, the slight sliding of meaning creates a psychological gap in how we communicate.  When we hear a noise that we associate with the pattern of lines that looks like: tree we recognize the noise and cannot stop the vision in our imaginations of the actual physical tree but that tree in our heads will appear and be different from the actual tree referred to in the conversation of noises.  This deferral-difference both allows us to interpellate our own “story” onto the sales-pitch of an other  (to “see” their tree in our heads) or allows us to suspect this purchase will fill this unseen but felt gap caused by the deference of language signs.  Predators.

I am proud to tell you that Majestic Grill Parts is not managed or owned by super heros nor by brilliant nerds (although I wish!) but by grill and fireplace technicians with decades of experience and a little bit of computer savvy.

As a result of our non-super-hero powers we do not try to trick our customers into trusting us by lying just to try to capitalize on a bunch of huge promises we cannot fulfill — and if the opening was a lie the buyers should not expect the promises fulfilled (but they hope and the hope is what sells…and disappoints).

When Majestic Grill Parts sends you information the information we send you is truly grill repair, maintenance and fireplace installation information — we deliver exactly what we claim.

No tricks; no crawling around in you subconscious to make promises that raise desire.

Here are a few youtube videos that show specific repair instructions for converting grill fuel types, replacing control valves, adjusting the amount of gas flowing through the valve and adjsuting the carbeurator on the grill burner.  Because we keep these short we don’t tax anyone’s attention-span.  Plenty of clients contact us for additional information specific to their own repairs.

And we give it to them.  The videos are online for free and the assistance is free and we hope that if you someday need something we’re selling you will remember our help and willingness to be helpful.   And for the last several years you have done exactly that and we love You for it.

Adjust the Gas Flow into the barbecue burner by adjusting the set-screw hidden in your control valve.

Gas Barbecue Grill Control Valve Replacement Directions.

Burner Air Shutter Installation and Adjustment Instruction.

DCS Barbecue Grill Ignition Replacement Directions.

This is only a few of the dozens and dozens of videos and blog posts that give-away free technical experience to clients who want to use the internet for information.  No great big promises to fix the ozone layer or make you irresistible to women or sell you a plan to become a millionaire by next week but reliable experience made easy.

Don’t Believe The Hype!


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