TEC Infrared Burner Installation and Remove Burner Instructions.

by grillrepair on April 12, 2013

TEC burner manual schematic

TEC schematic with directions for removing and replacing infrared grill burners.


The infrared burners by Thermal Engineering Corporation are the most annoying burners to remove in a gas grill.  TEC invented the infrared burner and later became a grill company with the hottest gas grill in the world.  The TEC burner pressurizes the gas in the burner housing so the fuel comes through thousands of small ports in the ceramic tile top much hotter than any traditional barbecue grill.

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Thee problem with the TEC burner is that TEC was not a barbecue company who simply created a better burner.  When TEC made their gas grills they were re-inventing the wheel and using new technology that no other grill company ever had — or would be permitted to see to advise Thermal Engineering Corp.

Solaire infrared grill schematic shows burner and gas parts

Gas line to manifold to control valve to orifice to burner. Drawing of grill parts shows how venturi tube fits onto orifice inside control panel.

A “normal” barbecue grill has a gas line running to the appliance and the gas line attaches to a hard pipe called a manifold.  This hard pipe manifold is mounted just inside the front control panel of the BBQ and all the control valves are attached to the manifold so the valve stem with the control knob points towards the user and the opposite side of the valve with the orifice slides into the grill burner inside the control area.

The grill burner is inside the grill and all burners will have a venturi tube which is the tube that connects the burner to the orifice at the tip of the control valve.   Most barbecue models

inside the TEC infrared control panel

to remove the burner we must first unscrew the locking nut and the orifice from the tip of the valve. the orifice is inside the burner venturi tube.

allow the burner to have a simple peg or clip in the back of the burner and the inside of the fire box has an opposite hole or clip to hold the burner level in the back while the venturi holds the burner.

TEC infrared burners are different from other infrared grills and other barbecues in that the orifice that attaches to the tip of the control valve is attached after the burner venturi tube slides onto the valve.

The orifice is inside the air mixer opening of the infrared burner venturi tube in order to hold the burner in place.  The infrared burner cannot be removed without first removing the control panel to get at the valve and then removing the hood orifice from inside the venturi tube.

TEC burner parts drawing for removal or installation of infrared burner

Note the bolt that attaches the burner in the back of the grill. This is not easy to get to with the burners and the grill in the way but the burner cannot be removed without removing the bolt.

The TEC burner also has a bolt at the back of the burner at the very bottom of the casing.  Unfortunately like the orifice that has to be removed this bolt is not easy to get at.  With the infrared burners inside the TEC grill there is not a lot of room to get our hand, arm and a screwdriver or ratchet into the bottom of the grill but this bolt has to be removed to remove the burner in a TEC infrared grill.

Some of the infrared burners are different and do not have a bolt in the back bottom or have a bolt going right into the burner casing instead of bolting to a small bracket on the back of the burner.  The way to check if you are not sure what you are looking for is the burners in the majority of TEC grills are 14.5″ deep along the bottom (along the top os over an inch deeper) but the different burners are only 14 inches deep at the bottom of the burner.

TEC grills are dofferent from other barbecue grills and are even different from other infrared grills.  Only TEC infrared gas grill burners cannot be removed from the grill body without removing the control panel, removing the orifice and the tension nut and then also removing the bolt in the back of the barbecue.  Moreover depending on how old the grill is the pilot flame may also need to be removed just to have room to work at getting the burner out.

Other infrared grills do not have much of anything holding them in place. Most barbecues

infrared and convectional burners can be used in the same grill

Solaire infrared grills are able to have a U burner with blue flames and have an infrared burner in the same grill. The burners sit on a support bar.

do not have a bolt or anything in the front of the grill and only the small straight pipe burners in most barbecues have a bolt holding them to the back of the grill.   The parts diagram here shows a blue shaded bar along the back of the grill and under the burners.

The Solaire infrared burners and the convection blue-flame burner are not bolted to anything in the front of the grill.  The valve and orifice attached to the manifold simply slides into the venturi tube air adjustment.  In the back of the burner the square tubing support bar is mounted across the grill to hold the burners level.

The Solaire infrared burner has a bracket welded to the bottom of the burner so the bracket sitts right on top of the support bar made of 304 stainless steel tubing in the grill.  Because gas will behave like a liquid the burner needs to be kept level or the

burner image showing support bracket to hold burner level inside grill

The upside down “U” bracket sits right on top of the support bar inside the infrared gas grill.

flames will not burn in higher spots.

The other big name in infrared gas grills is Alfresco and these burners also do not have a bolted orifice and bolted support holding the burner in place.  With the manifold supported inside the control panel so the control valves cannot move right or left or forward or backwards the burner on the valve cannot move forward.  With the bracket in place under the grill the burner cannot be moved right or left or back away from the valve and orifice.  With this design making the burner immobile the gas burner is safe but is still easy to remove for replacing the burner, converting the burner or maintenance.

tec sterling 3 bbq grill burners

TEC Sterling 3 infrared gas grill with 3 burners to be removed and new infrared burners replaced.

Removing the infrared burner is just like any other barbecue.   Whether there is a bolt or a clip or simply a slotted bracket in the back of the grill and burner we should always determine what is holding the burner in place and then remove it in order to remove the burner.  All burners will have some kind of venturi tube that connects the burning part of the burner to the control valve orifice where gas is delivered.  Usually the venturi tube extends into the control panel in the front of the grill so we want to lift the burner from the back and then slide the burner away from the control panel so the venturi slides off the orifice.

vakve in venturi of infrared burner seen through air shutter

Seen through the air-flow opening this valve is in the infrared burner venturi tube

Replacing the burner is no different but reversed.  We slide the venturi tube into the opening in the firewall so the small hole in the front of the burner slides on the orifice and then place the back of the burner into the slot, hole, bolt, clip, etc.    Many homeowners have caused damage to their grill by getting lazy reinstalling their burners.  The burner absolutely must be placed in the exactly same position in the back of the grill and the orifice has to be inside the opening in the front of the venturi tube.  If the orifice is not placed correctly or the back is not placed exactly right the gas spraying through the orifice into the burner can end up burning inside the control panel.  Flames inside the control panel can easily damage the valves, igniters and manifold.

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