Adjust Air Shutter On BBQ Grill Burner For Proper Burning.

by grillrepair on October 14, 2014

Adjust Air Shutter On BBQ Grill Burner For Proper Burning. 

Usually we will check the flames and adjust the burner air shutters after a fuel conversion to use natural gas or liquid propane in a barbecue grill designed to burn the other.  After we convert the appliance to LP or to NG the air shutter carburetor should be adjusted because of the different  mixture of oxygen with NG or LP.

However, we should also check the flames and adjust the air adjustment shutters after replacing the burners because it would be impossible for the factory settings on a new burner to be set for LP or NG simultaneously.

The other time to check and adjust is at a vacation location or a BBQ that has not been used for a long time but in a situation like that there’s a whole list of safety issues to check.

This short video demonstrated the adjustment and the effect of changing the mixture of oxygen and gas in a barbecue burner in an American Outdoor Grill by RHP.  These burners are pulling about 20K BTU’s so we have a visible change in the flame patterns as the flow of oxygen changes.

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