Capital Premier PSQ Grill Repair Infrared Burner Replacement.

by grillrepair on June 29, 2014

Install New Infrared Burner in Capital PSQ Premier Model Barbecue Grill.

PSQ Capital Infrared Burner

Infrared burner in Capital PSQ Gas Grill.

Refinishing this old PSQ Capital barbecue grill means replacing this old Capital infrared burner.  Even 10 years old this infrared burner was not damaged but since we’re replacing and scrubbing to shiny cleanness the other grill  parts, we installed a shiny, new infrared burner.


First we need to properly remove the existing infrared burner.




Uninstall Capital PSQ Infrared BBQ Grill Burner.

To uninstall the infrared burner lift the back of the burner off the support pins and slide the burner towards the back of the grill while lifting up and sideways. 

Removing the infrared burner is like removing the other burners in the Capital (and other) barbecue grill models.   First we will lift the burner from the back of the grill.  The infrared burner rests on stainless pins on the back of the inner fire box as shown in this image.




Infrared Capital burner installed in old BBQ grill

After lifting the infrared burner from the back support slide the burner back so the venturi tube slides off the control valve orifice.

The front of the Capital burner is the venturi tube.  The venturi tube reaches in through the inner firewall to slide onto the control valve orifice.  The venturi tube is where gas is fed in to pressurize the sear burner but the venturi tube also is the carberateur that mixes oxygen with gas and supports the level height  of the infrared burner.

Once we lift the burner from the back we will slide the burner towards the  back of the grill, away from where we are standing so the venturi tube slides off the orifice at the tip of the valve and slides out of the hole in the front firewall.

It is not uncommon to need to turn the burner slightly while sliding the burner out of the front wall.

Ignition mount for capital infrared burner.

capital infrared ignition electrode control mount.

Once the infrared sear burner has been removed we can see the structural design that allows the infrared burner to mount and function properly.

This is a connection for the ignition electrode installed in the back of the sear burner.  We will pay more attention to this when we install our new infrared burner.  For now we only need to make sure the steel rod and brackets are cleaned and nothing is damaged.

Removable W Burner Support in Capital Grill

Removable W Burner support in Capital BBQ Grill.


This is not the bottom of the firebox under the infrared burner.  This is the bottom below the Capital W burner.  The back squares provide a slot where the center feed tube of the W burner mounts.  This helps keep the burner from moving inside the barbecue.

This support tray will lift off the floor of the firebox liner.





Firebox floor with W burner support removed

With the W burner support removed the floor of the firebox is deeper for the infrared burner.

When the W burner tray lifts out of the Capital gril. This is the floor under the floor of the firebox.  This is the floor that is lower which is needed for the deeper pressurized housing of the sear burner.  There are small square supports designed to help keep the burner level so gas flows evenly through the thousands of burner ports in the infrared ceramic tiles.



Burner attaches to control valve through firewall to mount on orifice

From inside the grill the burner reaches through the firewall to mount on the orifice at the tip of the control valve.


When we reinstall the new infrared burner we will place the burner into the grill the opposite of removing the burner.

First we will slide the burner venturi tube into this round opening in the front firewall of the grill.  If we look inside this opening we can see the orifice mounted on the tip of the Capital control valve.  The burner venturi tube needs to slide onto the orifice so the front of the burner cannot we wiggled or moved around in the small opening.  The infrared burner venturi tube slides onto the tip of the  valve onto the  gas orifice to support the level height of the burner and to regulate the amount of gas fed into the infrared burner.

To be sure the orifice is installed into the burner, try to wiggle the venturi tube left and right and up and down.  With the orifice in the burner the venturi tube will barely move.

Install burner by sliding burner through front onto valve orifice.

Slide venturi tube onto valve orifice — look from below and wiggle to Make Sure burner is completely onto orifice. 


if the burner is not perfectly straight onto the control valve then it is possible for the gas orifice to spray gas unevenly as we turn the valve to get gas into the burners.  When the burner is uneven or is not properly mounted on the valve and this causes gas to leak around the air-shutter openings can cause fire where there should not be fire which gn be dangerous.

When ever a client calls us for service and says “my control knobs just melted off while I was cooking!”  I always ask the same question and the answer is yes about 98% of the time. “Did you recently remove and reinstall your burners for any reason?”

Thee burners must be straight.

Install burner on support pins and electrode

Install burner on support pins and so electrode back rests on back electrode bracket.



The Capital ignition electrode design is interesting because of how the igniter works but also because the electrode connections makes it Very  Difficult for us to accidentally install this burner crooked.

Instead of an electrode wire connecting the ignitor module to the sparking electrode is the grill, the Capital electrode wire connects the ignition module to a support bracket.  When we have mounted the front venturi to the control valve orifice and then it is time to lay the back of the burner onto the stainless support rods that hold the back of the burner.   As shown in this image the electrode bracket is connected to the ignitor module so we have to be very sure the steel spade on the back of our infrared burner rests on this support.   The connection here allows the electricity to run from the modules all the way to the tip of the electrode where it sparks on to the infrared burners.

installed infrared grill burner

Newly installed infrared burner will be level and supported solid without moving around.


The final step is testing.  Typically I’ll push  the igniter button just to make sure all  is connected and sparking strong and then I’ll crank our control knob  so gas comes into the infrared burner.

Assuming we do not have to find a problem in the igniter connections or in our gas lines we should now have a brand new infrared burner installed in this Capital PSQ Model  barbecue grill.

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