Custom Outdoor Kitchen And 90 Degree Bar Top Counter.

by grillrepair on October 23, 2014

Custom grill island with Twin Eagles Delta Heat Built In gas barbecue grill.

This is a beautiful and very useful outdoor kitchen design. The dry stacked ledge stone finish on the walls and visibly textured granite slab on the counter top and inside the cubby holes is very popular with home owners because the look is incredible even on custom islands at homes that do not have anything else with stone or granite. Often we will use colors and textures that match or compliment the colors and textures in the backyard but dry stacked stone and granite do not need to be complimentary to look perfectly fabricated exactly where they belong.

We work with the home owner or designers on the design but some things come-up over and over again which you will notice as you go through a lot of our custom outdoor kitchens. Below the grill we have installed a door and drawer combination built in insert instead of just a single or double access door insert.
What is different in this custom island design is the cubby holes and the single drawer on the left side where the 36″ counter top height steps up to 42″ bar height. Instead of making the cubby holes the same size we made one much shorter to make room for a sealed drawer. The smaller cubby is still useful for napkins and plates, spices and rubs but now we also have a sealed drawer.
The only other difference from a lot of islands is the ice bin. These got really popular about 7 years ago and then died-off. The ice bin here is all American stainless with an insulated base and lid, speed rail up front and drop in condiment racks inside where the ice sets. Although these died off for a awhile, in the past 2 months we have sold 8 of these; we have not sold than many insulated built in ice bins in the past 8 years so I guess the ice bin is making a come back.
When ice bins were popular it was because we were building the outdoor kitchen where we did not have electricity. Today a lot of these high-end barbecue grills want electricity for a single plug transformer that will control power to the lights, igniters, rotisserie motor and have a plug to pull power for any other accessory. Usually when we have electricity we will run electrical boxes to the inside of the island and the outer walls as we can see here. Having electricity means we can attach a inexpensive refrigerator which costs a fraction of a large ice bin.

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