Custom Outdoor Kitchen With Built In DCS BGB Grill And Side Burner.

by grillrepair on October 15, 2014

Custom Outdoor Kitchen With Built In DCS BGB Grill And Side Burner.

DCS is Dynamic Cooking Systems and DCS as a brand has initiated some of the most incredible innovations seen in outdoor cooking.

Built in DCS grill island with single side burner

Custom outdoor kitchen with DCS BGB 30 built in bbq grill and BGB 132 side burner.

This is a built in barbecue grill island that we fabricated in a very expensive trailer park for  people who travel to Florida for a few months out of every year.

DCS Grill Repair Parts.

The grill is a DCS model BGB-30 and the single side burner is model BGB-132.    The single side burner is essentially a gas range top burner.  The BGB30 has  two stainless U burners and an infrared rotisserie burner.  All the parts are 304 stainless steel and covered by a life time warranty.  Notice the side burner has a smaller knob just left of a black control knob.  That is because the side burner is an older model with a different control knob and rotary piezo module ignition.

We installed three single stainless steel access doors, an inexpensive non-outdoor refrigerator and a double counter-top mounted sink and faucet.  We also installed several electrical outlets inside the grill island and outside on the walls of the island so the lights and rotisserie motor on the grill would have power.  There are extra electrical outlets to allow for music players, blender, coffee-maker or anything else.

Both sides of the countertop over hang for additional space.  The far end over hang is a radius like a dining table at counter-height.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Built In Accessories.

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