Custom Outdoor Kitchen Island With DCS BGB Grill and Double Side Burner.

by grillrepair on October 24, 2014

custom grill island with grill, burners, sink, refrigerator

custom grill island with grill, burners, sink, refrigerator, access doors, drawers, stone and granite custom fabricated on site.

DCS Grill Repair Parts
DCS is Dynamic Cooking Systems and is the company most responsible for high-end gas barbecue grill innovations. The high end America made built in grills with lifetime warranty coverage all owe a great debt to DCS for the versatile functionality and incredibly heavy materials that have become standard in the industry.

This built in DCS is a model BGB which has been the standard model since the original owners of DCS sold the company over 10 years ago. There have been no new innovations since DCS has been sold several times but the DCS BGB models were so far ahead of their time a decade ago that the BGB models are still awesome grills.
Features of BGB models include heavy gauge stainless steel with warranties against rusting through. Stainless steel high BTU U-shaped burners install with a cross over ignition system that makes manual installation safe and easy and makes the automatic electronic ignition much faster than normal. Above the U burners is a radiant tray with 18 hollow porcelain rods that heat up quick to radiate heat at the grilling surface so DCS models are able to reach temperatures above 900 degrees without using infrared technology. DCS grills also come standard with a dedicated smoker burner and tray allowing easy hot or cold smoking. An infrared rotisserie and halogen light on the rotisserie motor are not optional nor are the cast stainless steel concave finger grates that easily last forever because the cast stainless is so heavy and thick.
The DCS double built in side burner has undergone some changes so they no longer use heavy cast iron burners but more modern ring burners with heat shields that are more effective, hotter and last longer. The older models that used a lot of cast iron would typically last over 20 years without needing any replacement parts.

DCS gas barbecue grills are simple to use and simple to repair with replacement parts easily available. The link above will show all the repair parts for all the models back to the first model of DCS with easily followed instructions for use and installation. Although the company who owns Dynamic Cooking Systems today is no where near as helpful or reliable as the original DCS, they have been offering huge cost savings to get clients to use the grills based on the older reputation and lowered prices for combination orders.

dcs grill parts

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