DCS Gas Grill Repair With OCI Grill Parts

by grillrepair on March 4, 2014

Another On-Site Service Call To Repair and Clean an Old DCS Gas Barbecue Grill.

Old Built In Grill Island Made Of Wood With DCS BBQ Grill.

Old Built In Grill Island Made Of Wood With DCS BBQ Grill.

This model of DCS has stainless U shaped center fed burners and ceramic radiant rod trays with porcelain coated wire-rod cooking grates.  The older models of DCS had cast iron burners and lava rock trays with the original DCS models using a push button piezo ignition module and the second version of the grill — called the B model — installed with the rotary module.  We can see the rotary ignition modules so the grill could be a “B” or a “D” model by DCS but once we see the radiant rods and the stainless U burners we know this is a “D” model.  The actual model number for this grill will be:  DCS-36D-BQSN/P which tells us the approximate date, types of internal grill parts and the styles of the controls and ignition assembly.

OCI All Stainless Radiant Rods And Trays In DCS D Model Grill.

Instead of the stainless trays with ceramic radiant rods we installed OCI radiant trays with Stainless Steel Tubing in this DCS-36D Model barbecue grill.

Although it is truly crazy to build-in an outdoor kitchen in a wood enclosure this client called to have a gas technician repair the gas grill and clean up the grill island.  The owner told us she had replaced barbecue radiant assembly and the ceramic rods several times over the past 12 years.

Instead on replacing the radiant rod tray assembly with another radiant assembly we installed the all-stainless steel radiant rod trays that come in the OCI Elite 36 and 48 inch wide models.  The stainless rods in the OCI — and now in this DCS — are hollow tubular stainless steel and much thicker stainless than the original 18 gauge stainless used in the OCI fabrication of the grill body and hood.  The thick stainless steel and the hollow tubular center of the radiant means the rods heat up very fast and will also cool very fast for optimal control of the grill heat.

Both DCS Grill and Wood Grill Island Look Brand New.

Both DCS Grill and Wood Grill Island Look Brand New.

Fortunately the OCI radiant assemblies are the right depth to fit into the D model of the DCS grill perfectly.  The radiant assembly itself is about an inch narrower than the original DCS but since the goal of a radiant assembly is to conduct heat as heat rises from the burner, to vaporize drippings as we cook and augment heat by radiating heat absorbed just below the cooking grates.  When we lose an inch in width the location of the radiant tray is still perfectly positioned to raise the temperature at the grilling grate level.

In addition to replacing the radiant rod tray in the DCS gas grill we also had a carpenter come out to work on the wood island.  Then we removed the old rusting cooking grates and replaced the grids with the 4 finger grates that are concave on one side and convex on the other.  The grates can lay flat or be inclined which allows moisture to rest in the grate channel so the heat vaporizes the moisture or, inclined moisture runs down to the front of the grate where a small trough sends drippings to the full size drip tray under the control panel.   It is also possible to use the grilling grates flipped over to barbecue with the convex side of the finger grid facing up but i have never found a good reason to use the grilling grates convex side up.



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