Gas Orifice Fuel Conversion Chart For BTU Flow.

by grillrepair on November 14, 2014

This is the chart used to determine the size of a hole drilled in gas orifices for barbecues, fireplaces and any other gas appliance.  We absolutely Do No Suggest that anyone unlicensed to work on gas appliances drill an orifice.

gas orifice conversion chart to drill holes in orifice by BTU certification

gas orifice conversion chart to drill holes in orifice by BTU certification

We’re posting this chart not to encourage anyone to drill their own orifices — because that can be very dangerous if not done exactly correctly — but because we keep answering the same questions over and over again.  This chart is here to demonstrate that the size of the hole that gets drilled into an orifice is completely based on the factory-set BTU rating and on the regulator pressure.

When a client orders orifices from us for a barbecue conversion to use propane or natural gas the orifices in the appliance have to be changed.  The NG or LP regulator also has to be replaced with the regulator set for the proper fuel type and necessary BTU gas flow.   Too often a customer will order orifices without a regulator and say — just drill my orifices to the standard size for LP (or for NG).

It is easy to believe there is a factory setting that makes the regulator pressure “standard” but that only matters if we’re using the other factory settings (the regulator).  The regulator determines the diameter of the drilled hole.

For instance, if we have a barbecue that is designed such that each burner is getting 12,000 BTU’s of gas flowing through each orifice in the tip of each control valve we can look at the chart above and see that as the regulator pressure gets lower the size of the hole in the orifice gets bigger.   Factory specs and legal certification with liability coverage is based on the BTU rating so we are not necessarily creating problems by changing the orifices or the regulator.  However, this also means we have to make sure the regulaotor and the orifices are decided-upon together so they are working together to send the exact correct amount of gas to the exact correct burner.

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