Outdoor Custom Kitchen With Wood Pergola

by grillrepair on February 18, 2014

This is a new custom built outdoor kitchen we just completed.  We also built the custom wood pergola above the island.

custom wood pergola and built in bbq grill island

Note the corrugated plastic covering on the roof to keep out the rain.

Where the slats run across the top of the pergola to break-up the sunlight we also have corrugated plastic to keep out rain so the area is totally water proof.

The fabric strips are attached so the sunlight coming through is tinted by the natural taupe color of the heavy outdoor canvas.  Then the corrugated plastic is installed above the fabric so we never see the reason rain never drips through. We use either clear tops or a heavy tinted tops for less sunlight coming through.  Even though the fabric is designed for outdoor use the plastic completely protects both the fabric and the wood, which is also treated for outdoor use.


custom built in charcoal and gas bbq grill and custom pergola

custom outdoor kitchen with charcoal barbecue and gas grill built in below a custom wood pergola

We had a few different pergola companies doing these for us but the price range was all over the place. One contractor would be “X” and another would be “X times 10” for the exact same product.  We were using three different companies and the level of quality seemed really low whether we paid the highest price or the lowest and all points in between.  Not only that but the time frames were becoming 3 and 4 weeks long and we are building custom outdoor kitchens with bars that are going to last forever in 10-14 days.  We are not going to wait a month for a pergola!

Fortunately, with an “i can do it” attitude there’s very little we will not accomplish.  Cj decided to start building pergolas.  A few family members got free ones while we tried out a few structural things and made sure what kinds of tools would be best and for about 2 months now our custom outdoor kitchen crews have been building pergolas and built in grill islands.



















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