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by grillrepair on December 27, 2015

Looking back I only just realized we have 4 or 5 different posts about various DCS grill rotisserie functions, tests and repairs but nothing that explains everything.  A customer called and asked how to remove the safety valve and had not even figured out the button and bezel to remove the control panel yet.  I pulled up this blog site because I “knew” the instructions were here with great pictures and brilliantly simply descriptions … except it’s not.

We have information about how to get to and change the rotisserie burner, gas orifices, control valves, thermocouple and even the internal solenoid that creates the electro-magnet that keeps the gas flowing, keeps the burner burning but nothing about the compression adaptors, mounting bracket, aluminum gas lines.  This should have been in the “Remove the DCS Control Panel” article but since removing the control panel is not the same as removing the safety valve it was not covered, as much else has only been partially covered.

Here we will go lightly over the content that is already in the blog elsewhere with reference links.  We will cover some of the same technical instructions but not as deep since that information is in here already.  We will also (I hope) cover anything else that has been missed and all in one place so a client (you, reader?) needing all of this information will not need to jump around and read a

DCS rotisserie burner installed in the gas bbq grill.

Three Shots of the Same Rotisserie Burner and DCS BBQ Grill Showing Filthy To Sparkling Clean And Shiny.

dozen different articles to repair their DCS Barbecue Grill Rotisserie.

Among previous articles there are a few articles on this site that describe the function of the control valve that attaches the gas manifold to the safety valve button in order to keep the rotisserie burning — or turn the gas flow off automatically off:

Rotisserie Safety Valve Tests and Use For Rotisserie Burner.


Rotisserie Burner Will Not Stay Burning

Moreover the article that shows how to remove the safety valve button cover and bezel is listed here as part of instructions for removing the control panel because it is removing the control panel that usually leads people to damage the button and/or rotisserie button bezel:

Remove The DCS Gas Grill Control Panel Safely.

The Short version is that the rotisserie safety button has a bevel like a doughnut-shaped-sleeve and a button cover.  The button cover has a tiny bolt that threads through it to press hard against the metal of the actual button.

remove dcs gas bbq grill rotisserie safety valve button cover

A tiny, almost invisible allen-bolt holds the plastic button cover to the safety valve.

The metal of the button itself is aluminum so it will not rust but aluminum will corrode over time so there is a white chalky reactive material on the outside of the material.  Trying to remove the control panel without removing the bezel will cause damage just as trying to remove the bezel without first removing the button causes damage.

Loosen the tiny allen-head bolt so the tension is no longer pressing against the aluminum.  Then the button should slide right off when pulled.  However, because of the corrosion of the aluminum the white chalk will normally hold the button tightly.  I loosen this adherence with a degreaser spray or a lubricant and then slowly pry the button loose with a small flat head screw driver on each ice of the button, using the round bezel for leverage.

dcs gas grill rotisserie safety valve bezel attachment

The DCS rotisserie safety valve looks like it is screwed to th control panel but it is actually screwed to the valve itself.

Once the button has been safely removed the bezel simply unscrews off the valve button.  From the outside looking in, the bezel seems to be threaded to the control panel and a lot of bezel are damaged as people try to pull off the unbolted control panel without realizing the bezel screws to the actual face of the safety valve.

As such the bezel has to be unscrewed in order to get to the control area with the control panel removed from the Dynamic Cooking Systems barbecue grill.

DCS manifold attached to control valve attached to safety valve button to rotisserie

DCS manifold attached to control valve attached to safety valve button to rotisserie with compression adaptors and aluminum gas lines.

Once the control panel has been removed we can see the gas manifold pipe that attaches to the incoming gas line runs across the front of the barbecue with all the control valves attached in order to draw gas from the manifold pipe and put gas into the burners.

The control valve for the rotisserie is exactly the same control valve as the other burner valves but instead of an orifice at the tip of the valve there is an adaptor attached to an aluminum gas line which then connects into the safety valve button body.

On the other side of the safety valve button the aluminum gas line comes out to run along the side of the barbecue to attach to the infrared rotisserie burner where the orifice limits the flow of gas into the pressurized burner.  If we are going to have to replace the safety valve we have to remove the nut that keeps the button attached to the bracket seen in the image here and then remove the aluminum gas hose connections.

If the infrared rotisserie burner itself is not easily accessible it is nice when the outer back wall of the grill is able to be removed in order to remove, replace, repair, or even convert fuel to the infrared rotisserie burner.     This blog post shows this being done.

Replace Infrared Rotisserie Burner — Part II


Dynamic Cooking Systems barbecue grill models with infrared rotisserie burners in a back wall that Does Not have an outer-wall that can be removed means the infrared rotisserie burner has to be removed or replaced from inside the barbecue grill.  The same is true if we need to adjust, repair or replace the ignition electrode, flame sensor thermocouple or to make a fuel conversion for the grill to burn LP or NG.

Replace Infrared Rotisserie Burner: Instructions And Video Tutorial.

Please Contact Majestic Grill Parts with Any Questions, For Any Grill Repair Parts, and for Clarification on anything we’ve tried to explain to help you with your barbecue grill and rotisserie.

954-2-GRILL-2    which is also    954-247-4552.




DCS bbq grill 27 new infrared rotisserie installation

DCS bbq grill model 27 new infrared rotisserie installation showing aluminum gas hose, thermocouple location and ignition electrode placement.





Infrared rotisserie burner inside grill by dynamic cooking systems

Infrared rotisserie burner inside grill by dynamic cooking systems








































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