Profire Barbecue Grill Manifold and Orifice Manifold Valve Repair.

by grillrepair on December 27, 2015

Profire barbecue grills have a full size gas manifold pipe but the control valves then attach a secondary series of smaller gas pipe manifolds with orifices because each valve is then able to control two stainless steel pipe burners inside the BBQ grill.

profire gas manifold, orifice manifold and control valves

Remove the Profire control panel to see primary manifold and orifice manifold covered in rust while still attached to valves and gas burners.

In the attached image we can see ProFire does not use a stainless steel manifold pipe nor a stainless secondary manifold.  However, almost no one makes manifolds with stainless steel because the pipe and control valves are located behind the control panel where there is little danger of grease or carbon damage so the materials tend to last a very long time…out side of Florida, anyway.  Florida thick syrupy humidity is going to be rough on all kinds of materials.

This image shows a Profire that is only about 10 years old but the manifold is completely ruined.  Rust has corroded through the main and secondary manifold until we have leaks throughout the control panel where the connections were originally sealed to the valves.

profire rusted manifold orifice manifold and control valve

Detailed image showing the rusted corrosion of these manifolds that should have been fabricated of stainless steel.

Each single control valve controls two  20 inch long heavy stainless steel pipe burners inside the grill.  Each control valve connects to the main manifold and then to a secondary manifold which has 2 propane or natural gas orifices installed into the ends of the burners.   Unless there is a fire inside the control panel, the control valves are usually able to be reused with the new manifolds but a fire is very likely if the manifold gets this bad!

The main problem with a rusting manifold is that we cannot generally hear, see or smell a gas leak when it is inside the control panel.  Moreover, whereas a slight breeze is generally more than enough to vent low pressure fuel, inside the control panel there is not much ventilation.  Even when the gas builds to where there is enough leaking fuel to pass through to the firebox where the fuel can ignite and burn inside the control panel, we typically cannot tell there is a fire until the heat is so intense that the control knobs melt off the face of the grill.

New manifold and orifice manifold attached to Profire control valve

New gas manifold bolted to the Profire control valve which attaches to the new orifice manifold

Unfortunately when the knobs get hot the lubrication inside the control valves is already damaged beyond salvaging them.

We have customers call all the time asking for replacement control knobs because they explain their knobs melted off the control panel of the barbecue grill.  We have to explain that the knobs are the least of their trouble because by the time heat moved from the inner firebox to the outer control knobs, the valves are ruined.

As we can see in these pictures the Profire gas line attaches to a primary manifold that is the width of the entire grill.  For each set of Two Grill Burners, a small control valve attaches the primary manifold to the smaller secondary manifold which has 2 fuel orifices in order to allow fuel coming through the control valve to be diverted into Two Pipe burners.

Profire Secondary Manifold Attaches to control valve and two orifices feed fuel to 2 burners.

Profire Secondary Manifold Attaches to control valve and to two orifices drilled for LP or NG to feed fuel to 2 pipe burners.

In this image Above we can just see the venturi air shutters passing into the grill in front of the valve and manifold pipe where the orifices are attached to the manifold so they slide into the front end of the burners.

For Instance, Below we have copied a section of the exploded ProFire parts schematic for a Thirty-Six Inch Grill Model.  Although 36 inches wide with Six Grill burners, there are Only 3 control valves because the secondary manifold allows the control valve to fuel two burners simultaneously.

Profire barbecue grills were designed and invented to be American made barbeque grills and have been American owned and American fabricated since they were first introduced.

Profire BBQ Grill PF 36 Exploded Parts Schematic.

Profire BBQ Grill PF 36 Exploded Parts Schematic Shows Burners, Gas Orifices, First and Secondary Manifolds, Control valves and all Replacement Parts for Profire Professional barbecue grills.

Although the original owners are no longer the owners or manufacturers of Profire BBQ grills, these are still American made grills and would make anyone’s list of the top 20 barbecue grills on the planet because of the high quality stainless and workmanship.

In addition to the images shown here, many on site service technicians have repaired Profire gas grills here so we actually have a tremendous library of pictures showing various parts, repairs, parts replacement and all kinds of service adjustments to affect better cooking and efficiency.

If you need any assistance with a Profire gas bbq grill repair and/or Profire grill parts installation Please Contact Majestic Grill Parts:

954-2-GRILL-2 Is Also 954-247-4552.

Thank You For Reading This Far And Hopefully We will Be Able To Assist You Soon!

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