Remove And Replace Gas Manifold, Valves, Orifices Shown In DCS BGA Model BBQ Grill.

by grillrepair on December 26, 2015

Remove And Replace Gas Manifold, Valves, Orifices Shown In DCS BGA Model BBQ Grill.

This Instructional Video Demonstrates How To Remove and Replace The Gas Manifold In A BGA-27 Model DCS Gas BBQ Grill.

In this video, the DCS BGA-27 gas manifold is so badly corroded and rusted that not only is the gas pipe ruined but the mounting brackets are gone.   One of the roles the manifold plays is to keep the control valves straight in the burner.

The gas valves draw fuel from the manifold to spray through the orifice into the grill burners.  If the valves are Not straight and spray fuel into the air shutter of the burner at an angle it is possible for the fuel to leak through the air shutter.  A small fuel leak through the air shutter can easily build up dangerous fuel levels because the control area is closed off; fuel is not naturally pulled through a vent but builds up, ignites and causes damage to the valves, ignitors, electrode wires.    With a gas leak inside the control panel,  the first indication for many people is when the knobs start to melt.  By the time the knobs melt the damage inside the control area is drastic.

New DCS gas manifold and control video

New DCS gas manifold and control video

Using a New manifold pipe means being able to bolt the gas line to the gas grill fire box so the control valves are capable of lining up straight into the gas burners.  The control valves in a DCS have a one-eighth pipe thread on the bottom so the entire valve turns to thread into the manifold pipe.  Use Teflon tape or a sealing plumbing  putty.  Also, Install the valves before bolting the manifold to the grill because it is easier to unscrew and reinstall the valves without worrying about the valve stem hitting the firewall and possibly breaking.

Gas manifold drops out the bottom of the grill body

Gas manifold drops out the bottom of the grill body so the incoming gas line can connect to the manifold.

Removing and installing the manifold in the DCS BGA model means sliding the long slide pipe along the inside of the grill where the small bolts and brackets tend to bump around and get hung up so this is usually a blind, wiggling, bumping-around process of pushing and pulling (and cursing)  to push the pipe through and also when lifting and wiggling out of the grill.   The far end of the pipe bends down at a 90 degree angle so the threaded section of the manifold pipe drops out of the grill body.  This is a one-half-inch male pipe thread where the incoming LP or NG hose connects.

The manifold pipe Is A Pipe Connection And It Does Require Plumbing Putty Or Teflon Tape So The Gas Hose Connection Does Not Leak.

As shown in the video use pipe-thread adaptor connections together with flared gas connections to connect a LP or NG fuel regulator and gas hose as needed.  Be Certain To Test The Adaptor Fitting Connections For Leaks and Test The Control Valves For Leaks Also While The Gas Manifold Is Pressurized.

Thank You.

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[FYI — if you are following our instructions you will notice we did not get into detail about replacing the DCS rotisserie control avlve or the solenoid safety valve button even though these are issues that have to be addressed when replacing the manifold and even only the control panel.  We did not get into this because we have several other Blog Posts solely about the rotisserie valve (DCS and other BBQ grill models also) and did not want a short post about replacing the gas pipe manifold to end up so long that no one wanted to read it.

Seriously, If you are unsure of anything, please email us or call us for assistance.]




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