Viking BBQ Grill – Three Ways Of Replacing Control Valve Orifices To Convert LP and NG.

by grillrepair on April 9, 2015

This short video demonstrates detailed ways to access, remove and replace gas orifices.  The fact that we used a Viking barbecue grill to shoot the video will be of particular interest to Viking grill owners but this instructional video  is made to be a lot more useful than that.  Every barbecue grill that is going through a fuel conversion to natural gas or to liquid propane is going to include accessing, removing and installing gas orifices.  Although other makes and models will have different types of burners, control valves and sometimes orifices the basic process is going to be the same every time.  Regardless of what is different, what is the same is that a conversion to NG or LP will involve getting to and replacing gas orifices.

This video shows how to remove the orifice by :

1.  Remove the cooking grates, radiant shields and burners and then reach through the inner firewall with a deep dish socket and ratchet to remove the orifice from the tip of the control valve.

2. Remove the control panel and reach past the control valve with an open end wrench to unscrew the orifice from the tip of the valve.

3.  Remove the control panel and then uninstall the control valve from the gas manifold pipe.  Once the valve is completely out of the BBQ grill we can unscrew the gas orifice with any kind of wrench.

Regardless of which route we feel comfortable using we remove the orifice designed for use with our former gas type and we replace the orifice with the new gas jet the same way we removed the original.

A LP or NG fuel conversion Is Not Only Removing and Replacing Gas Jets.    Lets please do that again:  A LP or NG fuel conversion Is Not Only Removing and Replacing Gas Jets.

reaching through the inner firewall with a deep socket

reaching through the inner firewall with a deep socket to replace the gas orifice without removing the control panel.

A conversion also involves changing the gas pressure to match the fuel type, altitude oxygen levels, distance of pressurized run, changing gas orifices, adjusting the carburetors and several different adjustments once we can leak check the connections and test the flames.   This video and accompanying directions are not designed to say: this is how to convert a Viking to natural gas or to propane.  We — Majestic Grill Parts — made this video in order to show a few ways of getting to the gas orifices because we have a lot of customers contact us for assistance with grill repairs.  While we always encourage customers to utilize local licensed gas technicians, when a client is determined to do the repair or at least some small part of the repair we would at least like to help our customers accomplish their goals safely.

inside the control panel we remove the gas jets without removing the valves

inside the control panel we remove the gas jets without removing the valves because we really don’t want to also replace all the gaskets.

For instance a lot of customers are interested in converting the fuel in Weber barbecue models and the Genesis models manufactured before 2006 had two different types of manifold which means the control valve and the gas orifices are different.  From one year to the next the Genesis Silver, Gold and Platinum models looked and functioned exactly the same but the controls under the control panel are different from one year to the next and from one model to the other.  With Weber no longer allowing conversions the information that could tells us which years or which models or which serial numbers used this or that control is not made public so we have to ask the customer or the technician to pull one of the orifices and give us information to select the proper replacement.

Viking gas valves bolt through the gas manifold pipe with sealing gaskets on both sides

Lifting off the Viking gas valve after unscrewing the bolt under the manifold. Be careful not to damage the gaskets. Once the valve is off the orifice access is simple.

Unfortunately many of these clients do not know what to look for or look at or how to describe what they’re seeing.  We have a lot of instructional videos about converting videos but a video like this one will be able to show anyone with any kind of barbecue what is an orifice and how do we get to the orifice to replace them.

With this short video we have not only shown useful routes for fuel conversions in Viking barbecue grills but we are also showing basic ideas for accessing the gas orifices that can be applied to any barbecue grill.








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