Custom Manifold Pipe For Any Gas BBQ Grill Repair.

by grillrepair on February 14, 2016


Although an uncommon barbecue grill part to lose, the gas manifold pipe is one of the integral BBQ parts which the appliance cannot live without.   Even though a very important part of any barbeque grill most manifold pipes are not manufactured with high grade stainless steel — even most very high end grill fabrication companies use a steel pipe, painted black.   Protected inside the control panel of the grill the manifold is not in danger of damage or heat but any time the paint scratches through the steel is exposed and will eventually oxidize.

If a manifold pipe rusts we will typically have several serious problems.  When the manifold rusts it is often going to oxidize where the brackets bolt to the fire box inside the control panel.  The nuts and bolts holding the pipe in place will scratch the paint protecting the steel so the mounting brackets are usually where a manifold pipe will fail.  When this happens the control valves will shift from the movement of the pipe and gas will leak where the valve orifice installs to the grill burner.

The other possible problem with an oxidizing manifold pipe is a gas leak.  The gas line coming into any barbecue grill attaches to the manifold pipe and the manifold pipe distributes gas to the control valves.   If the rust on a manifold is left unseen and, thus unchecked this is a very damgerous place for a gas leak since all the gas burned inside the grill is delivered through the manifold pipe.

In short the manifold is not like an appendix or a warming rack, is not something our barbecue can live without.   Because of all the different barbecue models not fabricated in the United States not every model of every brand has a replacement manifold available as a replacement grill part.  When we need a gas manifold pipe for a barbecue that does not have a replacement gas manifold available we have to improvise.

This is what we have done many times as shown in this video.

Custom Made Gas Manifold Attached To DCS Valve in Left U Burner.

Female T fitting positions valve and orifice into U burner.

We have done a handful of these in order to test vaporization rates for gas flow and this particular grill is a DCS with 25K BTU’s per burner — much higher gas flow than the majority of barbecues.  For example, we left this grill burning on high for over an hour so we would have trouble with gas flow through the manifold pipe — if it were possible to have such problems.  The pipes are fine.  We’ve done this many times now and have not had trouble with the gas manifold pipe being too small.

We selected this gas pipe because of the threading on the control valves.  It is not fun trying to manufacture a custom manifold using clamp on or bolt through type valves.  Even if the originsl control valves clamp to thre manifold pipe, when we have to cudstom fabricate a gas manifold we will always use the threaded control valves.  Using threaded control valves means we cann simply install a female T connection and the different sizes of gas pipe connect in and out of the T adaptor and the center female thread supports the control valve.

This is a perfect fit for a barbecue that needs a new manifold when there is not a new replacement manifold available.

Custom gas bbq grill manifold with burner orifice burner installed

we installed the orifice to the valve from inside the burner air-shutter to add support holding the manifold in place. Not mandatory but more support is always good.




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