Grill Repair Help Installing Oval Burner With Two Venturi Pipes.

by grillrepair on January 9, 2016

Oval Burners in gas barbecue grills were extraordinarily common for a very long time.  Just about every barbecue grill company that existed 15 years ago has had some model with a single or double venturi tube Oval Grill Burner.  This video tutorial is designed to help understand how to install an oval barbecue burner and was shot using a Char-Broil model.

Oval barbecue grill burners have been used in thousands and thousands of different barbecues, broilers,  gas griddles, grills and even fireplaces and fire pits!

Oval burners — like H burners and figure 8 burners — often have a single or a double venturi tube in order to control the burner with one control valve or two control valve.  I have seen ovals split up into three sections with 3 venturi tubes connecting three burners but I do not recall seeing any more than 3 connections.  In short the Oval burners are extraordinarily versatile and very commonly used by grill manufacturers.

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