Infinity BBQ Grill Control Valve Replacement With Ignition Video.

by grillrepair on October 4, 2016

Infinity BBQ Grill Control Valve Replacement With Ignition.

Although we’re using the Infinity gas barbecue grill model repair for this video, there are thousands of different barbeque grill models using clamp-on control valves.   A previous video and blog post explained how and why and when to replace this gasket.  Replacing the entire control valve is not much different.  Essentially with a clamp on control valve we simple loosen the clamp on attachment to remove the old valve and reverse the process installing the new control valve.  The really important part of the repair is checking the manifold pipe so there is not rust or dirt that will create a gap on the gasket to allow fuel to leak through the connection.

As shown here changing the control valve is generally very simple and is something most people would be able to figure out without instructions.  Usually the most difficult part of the process is getting the the control valve by removing the control panel.  There are almost as many ways of attaching the control panel as there are barbecues!    Feel Free To Contact Us If You Need Assistance With This!!

bbq grill control valve schematic manifold gasket burner air adjust ignition

This clip from a barbecue grill schematic shows the general assembled position of the gas manifold to the clamp on valve, through the orifice into the burner. We can also see the carburetor opening and the ignitor. With some minor differences is the type of orifice, type of burner, electrode placement, valve stem size, this is generally the same in every barbecue grill control panel.

We see this in the video and again in this schematic from a Turbo BBQ grill users manual.  In very general terms the in-coming natural gas or liquid propane fuel connection connects to a manifold pipe which then distributed pressurized fuel to some quantity of control valves.   Although there are control valves that thread into the manifold pipe and there are valves that bolt through the manifold pipe, this post is showing the most common control valve connection to the gas manifold which is the clamp-on valve connection.

In very general terms the assembly is generally the same everywhere.  At the tip of the control valve is the gas orifice which will slide into the end of the gas burner.  This front end of the barbecue gas burner is almost always designated as a carburetor.  Most BBQ burners have a sliding adjustment sleeve here so we can affect the amount of oxygen that mixes with the fuel as the fuel flows through the valve and out the tip of the limiting orifice to spray into the burner.  Oxygen is necessary in various amounts depending on the type of fuel and BTU rating and the type of burner.

gas bbq grill control valve clamp with gasket and micro switch igniter

Clamp on gas BBQ grill control valve with micro-switch ignition. We’re looking at the Red Gasket. These are commonly damaged and simple to replace. Always check when replacing a control valve — check the manifold pipe and the gasket because leaks can be deadly.

This photograph could be exactly the same valve as that is the schematic above.   The difference is the small black box installed above the valve stem on to the body of the control valve.  The ignition switch wiring connects to this box — the micro-switch — so the electrodes will automatically spark when ever the control knob is pressed-in which is necessary to turn the valve stem with the control knob.  We will often not even notice we do this because it is so common but the stem will not turn if it is not slightly depressed.  The micro switch can be designed in a multitude of designs but the designs all close a circuit when the knob is pressed-in so the module sends electricity to the ignition electrodes which seem to begin sparking and then stop sparking by magic.

On this particular control valve we have also installed an extra long orifice at the tip.  We also see this at the end of the video shown above.  We use this long orifice in the Infinity barbecue grill because we installed the infrared burner shown at the end of the video.  Infinity replacement parts are no longer available but we have matched up many other high-quality grill parts as Infinity BBQ replacement parts.  The original Infinity valve has a very long hood orifice as does this valve in this picture but the original Infinity valve was a thicker diameter which would not fit inside the venturi tube of the infrared burner.  For this reason, whenever we send someone a new infrared burner for an Infinity model we will also sed the long, thin gas orifice with the burner.  However, any size or type of orifice is fine as long as it is properly sealed against leaks and the hole drilled through the orifice matches the Safety Tested CSA Certified BTU levels.

Clamp-on barbecue grill control valve

This clamp on control valve is just an example of something slightly different. The clamp has a more versatile double bolt connection bracket and the orifice is a spud angled by 45 degrees because of how the manifold pipe is positioned. There is No Use Difference in the different types of valves. The difference is only based on how the manufacturer assembled their appliance and plumbing.

One other thing to note: The valve in this picture and in the video does not have installation screws on Both Sides Of The Clamp but the valve in the schematic does.  These valves with only one installation bolt clip to the body of the valve on one side.  Unfortunately, this limits the diameter of the manifold pipe.      I suspect and gas appliance repair technician will agree that we prefer the clamp on valve that ahas two bolts because that allows us to install the valve to any diameter manifold pipe.

When we replace any control valve, installing the control valve may include adjustments for movement, adjustments for the knobs to fit, orifice changes and some other small details but the Most Important Installation Details to check are making sure the valve is perfectly straight so the orifice is not extended into the burner at a slight angle and making sure the gasket is properly sealed.

When we’re replacing the valve, clean the manifold pipe as best as possible and make sure the control valve gasket is inside the clamp and is Not Damaged.  We need a tightly squeezed gasket between the manifold and the body of the clamp-on control valve.

Control Valve with ignition switch connected to igniter module

Control Valve with ignition switch connected to igniter module. As the valve stem is pressed in the module will spark against itself or will cause ignitor electrodes to spark when installed in the grill for an automatic ignition.

Once all the valves are installed, before replacing ignitor wires or attaching the control panel, turn on the gas connection to the manifold while All the control valves are turned off.   This ensures there is gas pressure between the manifold pipe and the valve.    With pressure turned on, pour soapy water over the control valve.  If the low pressure fuel is leaking at the gasket or elsewhere we will see the soapy water blowing bubbles which tells us we need to find and repair what ever is causing the leak.  Often one small pit of rust or a single grain of sand can cause the gasket to not seal properly.

Infinity Barbecue Grill Repair Parts. 

 Adjust Gas Flow Passing Through BBQ Grill Valve

Carburetor Oxygen Adjusted in BBQ Grill.

Be careful, check for leaks and if you have any questions or concerns Contact Us:

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