Replace Infrared Rotisserie Burner — Part II

by grillrepair November 2, 2015

Replace Infrared Rotisserie Burner — Part II This is a very short and mostly silent video as a kind of addendum to the last blog post about removing, replacing and reinstalling the infrared rotisserie burner in a DCS gas barbecue grill.  That original video and detailed blog post explained the grill repair process using a […]

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Replace Infrared Rotisserie Burner: Instructions And Video Tutorial.

by grillrepair November 1, 2015

Remove Replace Install Infrared Rotisserie Burner — In A DCS That Does Not Have A Removable Back Access Wall.          Although there are  different designs for the infrared rotisserie burner and different grill designs means different ways to access and replace the rotisserie burner, the essential process is the same for each […]

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TEC Infrared Grill Video Instructions To Replace Pilot Ignitor In Patio II and Sterling II and III.

by grillrepair October 15, 2015

How To Repair The Pilot Ignition In Patio and Sterling Infrared Gas Grills By Thermal Engineering Corp (TEC). I can imagine it would look funny to someone today but the original infrared gas grills really were starting from scratch.  TEC was building incredible infrared gas grills without any history or experience in the BBQ grill […]

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Viking BBQ Grill – Three Ways Of Replacing Control Valve Orifices To Convert LP and NG.

by grillrepair April 9, 2015

This short video demonstrates detailed ways to access, remove and replace gas orifices.  The fact that we used a Viking barbecue grill to shoot the video will be of particular interest to Viking grill owners but this instructional video  is made to be a lot more useful than that.  Every barbecue grill that is going […]

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Replace Viking Grill Burners With Simple One Minute Video

by grillrepair April 8, 2015

Watch this simple short video for instructions to replace dirty and rusted Viking grill burners with new stainless steel Viking burners and protective shields. Find Viking Grill Parts. The rest of this blog post will expand on the process of removing and replacing Viking barbecue grill burners with step by step directions and images to […]

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Remove And Replace TEC Infrared Burner In Patio And Sterling Model Grills

by grillrepair March 23, 2015

Remove And Replace TEC Patio 2, Sterling 2 And Sterling 3 Gas Grill Infrared Burners quickly and safely. Below we have a short instructional video, some descriptions and pictures of TEC infrared burner installations from our own grill technicians to clarify the parts of this burner that generally give clients some trouble.  We’ll begin with […]

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LazyMan LM210-28 Repair – Replace Ignition Module and Electrode Video.

by grillrepair March 12, 2015

Lazyman 210 Models are well known to everyone in outdoor kitchen construction.  Many decades ago tons of these models were sold and almost all of them are still in use today.  The Lazyman models 210-28, 210-30 and 210-40 were extraordinarily simple and well-built.  We stock replacement barbecue grill parts for these models … but not […]

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Adding A Side Burner To A Weber BBQ Grill.

by grillrepair March 12, 2015

In this video we basically turn a Genesis Silver B into a Genesis Silver C.  We took a Weber range top side burner and added it to a Weber barbecue grill that was not designed for a side burner.     We did this fast and rough so the gas line is hanging down and […]

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Replace Barbecue Grill Spit Rod Rotisserie Rollers – Fast Easy Video.

by grillrepair January 29, 2015

BBQ Grill models designed with the best grill usage in the world have several similar features.  Barbecue grills like Dynamic Cooking Systems (DCS), Solaire Infrared, Outdoor Concepts (OCI), Capital, Alfresco, Infinity, Delta Heat, Twin Eagles and many others were not designed to be the cheapest model available but were designed to provide the backyard chef […]

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Replace Weber Control Knob Without Weber Grill Knobs

by grillrepair November 16, 2014

Replace Weber control knobs without Weber brand replacement control knobs for the barbecue grill.  We shot these pictures with an old model reminiscent of the original Spirit and Genesis models of 20 years ago and manufactured through 2005.  In 2006 Weber made more changes than any other time — more than all their previous changes […]

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