Broil-Mate Gas BBQ Grill Heat Shield and Briquette Grid for Grill Repairs.

Briquette and lava rock were designed to conduct heat both filling in cool spots and adding temperature at the grilling grate surface. Replacement briquette and lava rock grids are made with galvanived and porcelain coatings to protect the structural materials and add life to the grill parts. BroilMate replacement grill repair parts are also available outside the continental US for a small additional fee depending on the delivery address. Broilmate replacement barbeque burners are high quality stainless steel and cast iron made with a protective coating for longer life grilling. If you do not see what you need to repair your Broil Mate barbecue grill contact us at: 954-2-Grill-2 or send us a grill repair request at

Broil Mate Repair
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Stainless replacement heat plate used in BroilKing Broil Mate and Sterling model barecues.

Flov-R-Wave is 18 inches by 11 inches and installs above super 8 infinity burners and H shaped burners.


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Stainless Steel replacement heat shield for many BroilKing, Broil Mate and Sterling BBQ models used H and infinity shaped burners.

Flavor Wave is 23 inches and 11.25 inches.

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92375 Stainless Steel Adjustable Heat Plate

Universal Stainless steel radiant heat plate with louvered vent openings for effective heat convection and radiant flavor while cooking. Stainless heat shield is 8.5 Inches wide and adjusts from 18.5 Inches to 28.5 inches. Hardware included with universal radiant heat shield kit allows any size length or width but Also Includes hardware to hold heat plate above the burner in barbecue grill models without adequate support for a shield above the burner.


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adjustable bbq grill replacement heat plate
92350 Universal Heat Plate

Heat Shield Kit is Adjustable for Universal fit-- Anywhere!

Four stainless shields 8 x 13 inches with hardware to bolt together at any size for any barbecue grill. Use with or without briquettes.


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adjustable bbq grill replacement aluminized steel heat plate for briquettes
gas bbq grill repair burners for broilmate barbecue grill replacement parts
gas bbq grill repair burners for broilmate barbecue grill replacement parts

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