Table Top or Portable BBQ Grill Adjustable Burner Replacement

The replacement burner for portable and/or table top barbecues was discontinued years ago. We have had enough requests that we brought this back with some improvements. The burner is adjustable so it can fit a lot of gas grills now. The venturi tube adjusts and the tip of the venturi tube adjusts so the burner will repair many portable grills with monir, simple adjustments.

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stainless steel adjustable replacement burner

This image shows the burner with the air adjustment on the tip of the venturi and the venturi tube pressed all the way in to its smallest length. This stainless steel burner can be adjusted 4.5 inches which makes it as far as three inches from the edge of the burner.
If three inches is not enough there are 2 holes for the venturi tube to attach to and the venturi tube can be moved to gain another couple of inches.

Adjustable Replacement Burner
This stainless steel burner was designed to be a universal adjustable bbq grill burner that replaced burners in many different portable gas grills. Portable barbecues often have a regulator with a knob on the regulator so the valve and regulator are all one piece. The settings for Off - High- Med - Low are on the knob attached to the top of the regulator. Some of these regulators are designed to have a one pound propane tank screw into the bottom of the regulator and some have a hose with a QCC connection for a standard propane cylinder tank.

top view burner and venturi tube

This image shows the venturi tube extended and the attachment with threading attached to the end. This burner can be used with a standard air adjutment that slides onto the valve orifice like most barbecues or the burner can be used with the threaded tip for those few portable barbecues with threaded regulator and valve.

venturi tube air adjustment for burner

The replacement burner for portable gas grills comes with an adjustable venturi and an adjustable air vent at the tip of the venturi. In addition the burner also comes with this attachment because some valve-regulator combinations are threaded as they come into the grill. The venturi tube slides in and out to be longer and shorter and the attachment can be added to make the end of the venturi threaded.

adjustablke burner at longest position

At the extended position the venturi tube extends about three inches from the edge of the burner. Set screws hold the extension tightly in place and hold either the threaded end or the air adjustment end to the tip of the venturi tube. The bracket over the venturi where the tube attaches to the burner has an extra support with a threaded hole for adding extra support if necessary.

Portable Replacement Burner is 3 1/8 inches wide and 11.5 inches long not counting the extendable venturi tube.

This image shows the adjustable replacement grill burner from the back side so we can see the mounting bracket and the adjustable venturi tube. Like any barbecue the venturi tube is designed to attach to the valve. However, on many portable grills the regulator and the valve are the same product and there are different ways for an orifice to be attached. This burner takes diffrences into account with a adjustable venturi tube that extends longer and shorter as necessary.

threaded regulator for portable grill

This image shows an example of a portable grill regulator with a valve that threads into the barbecue and possibly threads into the actual bbq burner.

portable grill regulator with orifice and installation clip

Another option for portable barbecue grills has a clip to hold ther regulator to the barbecue. This valve and regulator has a small brass orifice attached to the end of the aluminum casting of the regulator. The regulator clipped to the grill and or to the burner venturi tube.

Portable or Table Top BBQ Adjustable Replacement Burner.

This replacement burner is stainless steel and well manufactured for use in a variety of barbecue models. The small portable barbecues use these burners designed to adjust to fit many different grill models. The venturi tube can be adjusted so only a tiny section of venturi tube sticks out from the burner and the tube extends 4.5 inches from the venturi tube for a longer attachment. Gas grills that have portable regulators have a controlled regulator that attached to the gas line or the gas bottle. The high/low settings on the regulator attach to the grill or to the burner depending on the type of portable regulator. If the extra extended venturi tube is not long enough there are two holes in the burner for the venturi tube attachment. The venturi tube can be moved to the other hole in the burner if it is needed.This adjustable burner can be used with any of these.


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