Coleman Barbecue Grill Replacement Burner Options.

Famous for camping supplies used and copied all over the world, Coleman also sold a lot of full size barbecue grills. The quality of these was among the low end of the grill markwetplace but the Coleman gas barbecues were much better than other models and brands of similar pricing and size. There have been several models with various features but the burners below cover a good amount of the Coleman gas BBQ models that will need to be repaired. Please check measurements and if you need assistance contact Majestic Grill Parts at 954.247.4552. Which is also 954-2-GRILL-2.

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Stainless Steel Replacement Barbecue Grill Burner Fits Models By Sunbeam Barbeques.

Burner Details

2000 3000, AG30610EB, HG30610EB, HG3061EB, HG3061OEB, LG200-EDB, LG20510E, LG20510EB, LG30610EB, LG30611E, LG39611SB, LT200-GGB, LT20510E, LT20510EB, LT2051E, LT30610EB, LT30611E.


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double stainless ring style burner replacement for sunbeambbq grill models
Burner Details

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One of the most popular replacement burners used in Coleman and other barbecue grill brands this cast iron burner is 15.75 inches long and just under 3 inches wide. The far end of the burner has a post (image below) casted in the design with a cotter-pin allowing the burner to be set into the back of the grill.


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cast iron replacement grill burner

Replacement barbecue burner for Coleman gas grill models. This design is a stainless ring burner with the venturi tube integrated in the design like a straight pipe burner, but bigger. The total length is 14.5 and the venturi tube adjusts out to bring the total length to 16.25 inches. The total width of the actual burner is 2 5/8 inches.


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adjustable stainless ring burner for coleman bbq repair

Stainless steel straight pipe burner for Coleman barbecue grill models. The replacement pipe burner is one inch wide and is 15 3/8 inches long. The burner also has an attachment to support the igniter electrode on the side of the burner.


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stainless steel pipe burner for coleman grill repair

Replacement paddle burner is like a ring burner with the venturi tube attachment integrated in the burner design. The stainless replacement burner is 15 inches long asnd 2 5/8 inches wide.


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stainless paddle burner for coleman bbq repair

Replacement cast burner 15 inches long and two inches wide. This burner is built like the CIT233 above but slightly different dimensions for different Coleman model bas barbecues.


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cast iron burner 15 inches long replaces colman bbq burners

Cast Brass version of the burner above with same design and measurements. Very limited supply. Once these are gone we will have to use the cast iron burners to fill orders.


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cast brass burner
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cast iron H shaped burner with 2 venturi tube attachemnt holes

This is the CIT233 burner above. This image shows the burner installed and demonstrates a lot of the burner shape, ports, protective overhang above the ports, installation post and general design.

oval burner with gasket and adjustable venturi

Cast Brass Burner Section showing burner ports and venturi tube with air opening to mix gas with air to burn properly in the barbecue grill.

ring burner with venturi tubes shaped like oval burner

Many H and Oval burners will have the ignitor electrodes attached to the burners. Even those that do not have electrodes built into the design will have the ability to attach the electrode and collector box to the venturi mounting plate.


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