Cooking Grate Replacement With Depth 15 to 15.5 Inches

When we are not able to order replacement cooking grates using the brand, make and model of the barbecue grill we can always match the dimensions of the grill parts we need. This list is all cooking grids with depth measurement from 15 to 15.5 inches. Cooking grates are determined by the depth because the grates have to be able to be installed on the shelf or support in the front and back of the barbecue fire box. If the BBQ firebox is not the correct width the grids can be slightly too short or can be cut-down to a smaller size but the front-to-back measurements have to be right.

Part# Description Price($) Illustration

porcelain steel wire replacement cooking grid fits BBQ Grillware, Steelman and others.


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replacement cooking grate 15 x 24

Replacement cooking grate fits Uniflame and Grill Mate barbecue models with curved corners and extended front grate arch.


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replacement cooking grate curved front for fire box

porcelain steel wire cooking grid replacement fits MHP (Modern Home Products), PGS (Pacific Gas) and others.


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replacement grilling grate fits pgs and mhp bbq models

porcelain steel wire replacement cooking grid fits Charbroil barbecue models with rounded firebox 15 3/8 inches deep and 19 inches wide.


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replacement cooking grate 15 x 19

Replacement cooking grate is flat stamped steel porcelain enameled for protection and slightly larger than 15 inches deep and 9.25 inches wide.


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flat stamped enameled steel grid replacement

Replacement cooking grate fits Uniflame models with rounded corners and arched front extended in the grid. From the back to the tip of the furthest point of the arched front is 15.25 inches and the grate is 25 inches wide.


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replacement cooking grate for uniflame with arched rounded grid

Replacement cooking grates fit Kenmore grill models. Two piece grill grids are 15.25 inches deep and 22 inches wide. Porcelain cated steel wire grill.


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replacement cooking grate 15.25 x 22

Replacement grilling grate fits Arkla, Charmglow, Kenmore and Uniflame models of barbecue. The split grid design is just over 15 inches deep and totals 23.75 inches wide. One grate is 9 inches wide and the other is 14.75 inches wide.

$ 44.49

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double off size grilling grate replacement

Porcelain coated grilling grate used to replace grids on Vermont Castings and Great Outdoors barbecue models. Single grill is slightly deeper than 15 inches and 21.75 inches wide.


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replacement cooking grate porcelain enamel

Stainless stamped bbq grill replacement cooking grid fits older Ducane gas grills. At 15 inches deep and 20.5 inches wide this is the exact replica of the original sear grates by the original Ducane manufacturers.


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original sear surface grill grate for ducane bbq model grills

Sinlge piece replacement cooking grate; porcelain steel wire grate fits Charmglow barbeque grill models.


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single grid replacement grill grate

Arkla, Charmglow, Coleman, Sunbeam and Grill Master all have BBQ models that use this grid as a replacement grate. Grilling grate is 15 inches deep and 25.125 inches wide.


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replacement porcelain coated grtae

Porcelain coated steel wire cooking grate is 15 inches deep andalmost 26.5 inches wide with rounded corners for use as a Charbroil cooking grate.


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rounded corner replacement cooking grid

Glossy finish enamel coating on cast iron replacement grilling grates for Sterling Shepard grill models


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Cast iron replacement cooking grate with textured matte finish. Iron is heavy and provides good heat conduction as a replacement grid for Broil King, Broil Mate, Sterling, Silver Chef and Huntington barbecues.


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matte cast iron cooking grate repair

Replacement grate has rounded corners for use in Charbroil barbecue models. Porcelain coated steel wire grate design 15 inches deep and 25 inches wide.


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15 x 25 charbroil cooking grate replacement grill

Porcelain steel wire cooking grid replaces grilling grids on Arkla and Charbroil model barbecues. Grates are 15 inches deep and 11.5 inches wide for a total grilling surface of 23 inches.


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replacement cooking grate for charbroil and arkla

Replacement porcelain enameled grilling grate is 15 inches deep and 20 inches wide at largest extensions. Arched grate for Uniflame matching replacement with rounded front and back grid.


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replacement cooking grate for uniflame
concave grids allow moisture to vaporize while cooking

Cooking grates are always the first thing we notice rusting. We may not ethe ignitor stopped working but most of us will light the grill and not really mind. The cooking grates support our food and we cannot tolerate rust or corrosion on the grilling grates.

Different types of materials and finishes require different maintenance in order to keep the cooking grids doing their job without rust and filth. With a porcelain coating we have to be careful not to scrub the grates too hard and never to scrape the grates because once the protective enamel is scratched-through the materials below the porcelain with begin to oxidize.

cast irno convex grids

Cast iron will always have a protective coating becasue cast iron has the ability to show surface rust overnight. However, cast iron is a good material for cooking because cast iron conducts heat better than most cooking materials. These 2 cast iron grates are the reverse sides of one another. The convex grate allows greases and marinades to drip through the grilling surface while the concave surface will hold greases in the hot channel of the grid so the moisture is vaporized into the food.

stainless steel cooking grates

Stainless is usually the best -- and most expensive -- option for cooking grates because stainless steel combines long-life resiliency with easy cleaning because the material is not porous. We can scrub, scrape and even sand or power wash stainless grilling grids without damaging the material.


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