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DCS Gas Grill Igniter Electrode And Collector Box Bracket.

Dynamic Cooking Systems barbecue grills have gone through a lot of changes over the years because the company has been manufacturing high-end gas grills for so long. For about a decade DCS models have continued to use the same ignition electrode and collector box. Before the BG models DCS models were distinguished with a letter of the alphabet after the number denoting the width in the model number. The letter of the alphabet distinguished that DCS grill model from its predecessors. The Models of DCS barbecue grills up until the D model all had cast iron burners and stainless heat shields with lava rocks. These models all use the electrode and collector boxes shown below.

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DCS Ignitor Electrode To Fit Smaller Left or Right Collector box. Old barbecue grill models with right side and left side collector box igniter electrodes use this electrode. Bracket has flat mounting panel with hole on one side and pin for mounting to collector box bracket on the other side of the electrode.


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dcs electrode for older lava rock models

Right Side Mounting Collector Box Bracket with Electrode.


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right side collector box and dcs electrode

Left Side Mounting Collector Box Bracket with Electrode.


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left side dcs collector box and igniter electrode
porcelain coated steel vaporizer radiant for bbq grill

DCS Ignitor Electrode

The DCS models beginning with the A models used the right-side-bracket and the left-side-bracket over ignition electrodes. What we have in the images on this page are the electrodes and collector box brackets from the models of DCS up through the D models. The initial DCS grill had a push-button piezo module. That means the button mounted through the grill's control panel clicked one time every time the button was pressed. The next iteration of the grill was called the B model and during the B model production DCS started installing rotary piezo modules. The rotary piezo module is still a mechanical ignitor but instead of pressing a button we turn a small knob and the module clicks several times as the knob is rotated.

electrode and collector box

Both the piezo modules had electrode wires connecting them to the electrode and collector box on this page. All these old DCS models use this ignition system. Your collector box may look a little longer or shorter but the collector box brackets on this page are the replacement igniters for all of these models.

The collector box shown here is slightly different from the original collector bracket but this is the replacement and the collector box changes are an improvement over the original design.

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electrode and collector box for left side installation

We can see in this image where the tip of the electrode get closest to the collector box the collector bracket has a indentation so the stainless moves closer to the tip of the electrode. The role of the collector box is to provide a clean stainless steel surface for the electricity to spark against. The collector box also serves to collect gas so gas accumulates around the sparking electrode tip and the collector bracket protects the electrode from dripping grease.

porcelain coated steel vaporizer radiant for bbq grill

All three functions are important for ignition -- collecting gas, protecting the electrode and sparking at the tip of the electrode. When customers to report thier igniters are not lighting the grill the problem is usually a failure of one of these three functions. Either the collector bracket is too dirty to spark, is too corroded to collect gas or is too dirty to protect the electrode so the electrode gets too dirty to spark.

If we catch the problem early enough cleaning the collector bracket will keeo the grill igniting but over time the grease will cause oxidation and corrosion until the collector box and maybe the electrode need to be replaced.

weber bbq with stainless grid and sear burner


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